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Everything posted by XplosiveNoctua99

  1. I have a capacitor that wobbles from side to side if touched would this stop motherboard from working
  2. Thanks I'll keep troubleshooting then
  3. nope i am about to do the safe boot (one ram dimm, no gpu etc.)
  4. The EVGA one is my new one and it has teeth marks from the pci-e slot and the other is my old card which has sort of the same thing. Would this cause them not to work???? Thanks in advance
  5. I wish I could help but i am no mountain of money hope nvidia is kind enough to get you a pc
  6. when i press the power button Fans spin and everything but it is just a blank screen
  7. I will record me putting together the pc and can you guys tell me what I am doing wrong.
  8. In the photo There is a bit in the cable that is empty that is what I am talking about