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  1. Why would i if ive already got a 480 and want another one
  2. I'm not using PC part picker... but yeah i saw that they don't come with them I prefer getting things all from 1 place... yeah you might have to pay a bit more... but thats convenience
  3. No, I was asking if the big price difference was worth it
  4. I'm creating two builds from scratch now... an Intel one and a Ryzen one I'll see what happens
  5. http://www.asrock.com/mb/AMD/AB350 Pro4/ this says it has Crossfire and The Thermalright thing is not the cooler that i ever mentioned... so i don't know where you got that idea from
  6. That 450W PSU tho and I already have an RX 480... sooo yeah...
  7. what??? the cooler isn't better? can you provide a link? what is actually wrong with the B2? (I don't know) and these are the other 2 SSD options Western Digital Green PC SSD 120GB SanDisk SSD Plus 120GB SSD
  8. I thought the B2 was 80 Plus Silver?! also keep in mind that I'm going to have Crossfire so I need enough power for that fun fact... I don't know how to overclock a CPU
  9. Case: Aerocool LS-5200 CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 LED Turbo CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600X GPU(s):XFX Radeon RX 480 GTR OC 8GB + Reference RX 480 8GB (I already have the reference one) Hard Drives:1TB external Hard Drive, 2TB External Hard Drive (I already use them) Kingston SSDNow UV400 120GB SSD, Seagate Barracuda 2TB ST2000DM006 RAM:G.Skill Flare-X F4-2400C15D-16GFX 16GB (2x8GB) Ryzen DDR4 Motherboard: ASRock AB350 Pro 4 Motherboard PSU:Cooler Master B2 Series 700W Power Supply What do you think?
  10. Yeah, There's plenty of cases out there i know... but the choice in Australia is super limited.. and then there's the fact that you have to actually like the case, and it has to be the right form factor etc.
  11. ok thanks.... finding a case thats got a bigger clearance than 160mm is hard
  12. Hi People... I'm trying to find a good case that will allow me to use a Hyper 212 TURBO http://www.coolermaster.com/cooling/cpu-air-cooler/hyper-212-led-turbo/ and i'm not sure if the required clearence is 160mm or 163mm... also.. when a case says that the max cpu height is 160... does that mean a tight fit? or that there is a small gap in between side panel and top of cooler? Thanks
  13. Neither.... what game(s) do you want
  14. Be Quiet was one that i Looked at and apparently the mounting system is awful... and Cryorig ones are not AM4 compatible atm.
  15. Its the 212 Turbo... it has LED Fans and comes with native AM4 Support
  16. I'm gonna stick with the 1600X because I can and it's not that much more than a 1600 The 212 Evo thing is fine then?
  17. It's also a bit more expensive (where i am at least )
  18. what is your budget though and do you use premier pro at all or just photoshop?
  19. I am building a new PC soon and I'm getting a Ryzen 5 1600X I'm not sure wether to getr a Hyper 212 EVO LED thingo or a D14 212 EVO is $59 D14 is $109 + $15 for AM4 mounting kit is the price difference worth it? thanks