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  1. it's the last one, so I hope you get it
  2. add it to cart and it'll say the price
  3. Yeah also Its $7 FLAT RATE SHIPPING
  4. ok https://au.webuy.com/product.php?sku=SGRANVI980GTX4GBA#.WV5fZIh96Ul this is the best thing I could find.
  5. this is australia..... Where an RX 580 costs $550 as a minimum... New
  6. ah ok Is $350 the most that you'd pay? or could you spare a bit more and if so, how much?
  7. So why did you get rid of the RX 480 in the first place? and theres NOTHING on gumtree under $350 with decent performance lol
  8. software design, Multimedia applications etc.
  9. for some reason the RX 580s doubled in price recently, and so did all the other gpu's in Australia.... What sort of gaming would you be doing and what other specs would it be paired with
  10. So.... Today I got this laptop http://www.dell.com/au/p/inspiron-15-7567-laptop/pd?oc=z511272au&model_id=inspiron-15-7567-laptop It's great.... the only issue i've found is that In dxdiag, it comes up with the intel HD Graphics 630 and not the GTX 1050 Ti I can play Witcher 3 and Siege fine on it but watch dogs 2 crashes and I think thats because it is trying to run off the 630 Another note is that I have updated the drivers for the 1050Ti and that i've tried disabling the 630 in device manager and then I can't access Nvidia control panel beca
  11. yeah, for softwarey things a quad core is a must for laptops. I got a laptop with an i7 7700HQ which is going to be great for the Media creation I'm going to be doing
  12. I just got the Dell Inspiron 7000 15 inch Gaming laptop, (i7 7700HQ,16gb Ram, 1050Ti etc.) It'd be perfect.... apart from the fact it's 2.65kg or so If price doesn't matter, then i'd go for the Razer Blade, because If your country supports it, you can get 5% off through their education program if you sign up using your student email or whatever. and its also, super powerful for the size
  13. So, I just got Synergy with the Discount promo thingy, because I got a new gaming laptop. and I figured out how to set it up using youtube etc. and it works great. apart from the fact that I want to transfer some files to my laptop from my main gaming rig. and I can't find how to do that, on both systems I have drag and drop files enabled.... can someone help me with this? thanks I've tried googling stuff but nothing useful came up
  14. i still don't know what it means... neither 360 or ONE use nvidia Parts so it can't have a Ti variant
  15. i mean its still a thing though.
  16. http://www.pcgamer.com/ps4-games-will-come-to-pc-soon-via-ps-now/
  17. If you enjoy playing it.... then i'd say go for it... that's a fair price
  18. I bought a game on G2A one time and it automatically applied that to my account... i managed to cancel the shield no problem (it was on Paypal), I can help you if you want and if they haven't changed it.. but just to clarify... this is the one that charges you every month?
  19. that could be because that steam charges retail prices... and also because they are the company that allows games onto their store, therefore they take a 30% cut of the full purchase
  20. @deXxterlab97 Is this a good PSU https://www.pccasegear.com/products/22271/corsair-vs650-atx-power-supply