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  1. I have a Dell inspiron gaming laptop (7567) That just recently started to go weird after closing the lid or after sleeping... It fixes itself after a reboot (holding the power and turning it on again) Can anyone explain what's wrong?? Thanks
  2. What is your primary currency. And what sort of features other than OCing do you want? And how Much would you sell that i7 for
  3. eh, I'm not upgrading my CPU(i want to), I just wanted to know... but thanks
  4. also, I have an RX 480 8gb not a 960.... I dont remember how to change my signature lol
  5. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Corsair-CXM-Series-Modular-CX450M-450W-80-Plus-Bronze-Certified-Power-Supply-PSU-/232407619866?epid=1869244256&hash=item361c92d91a:g:WrwAAOSw2xRYSgFH was this the one you were talking about?
  6. I found a review for one that was a bronze as opposed to a white and it was a good review but i dunno
  7. i looked.. the cheapest i've found is $420 but its part of a pc Also. I'm looking for a new PSU (because my current one is actually one of the worst things ever) http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Thermaltake-Smart-Series-RGB-LED-500W-80-Plus-White-Certified-Power-Supply-PSU-/362045422759?epid=25005818217&hash=item544b96bca7:g:95YAAOSwxppZcXUM is that good ?? keeping in mind it'd be $64 because of 20% off code
  8. what about the ryzen 5 1600/x I've tried searching for benchmarks like this, but because my cpu isnt the newest thing they are hard to find
  9. I currently have an i5 4590 would it be a downgrade? would it be better at playing games in VR??
  10. I've had lots of issues with steam today. and i've finally figured out something Every time i boot up steam and try to add my other drives. it crashes and won't launch after that, but I can reinstall steam and it will work fine, but i still can't add my other drives.... so yeah anyone know whats happening
  11. hmmm.... I'm going to copy my steam install from another PC over to this PC (which has the clientregistry folder )
  12. it isn't there..... would it be in the main steam folder?
  13. no, it just uninstalls everything in the steam file
  14. It launches in the background but doesn't ever show up and it uses 28%- 40% of my cpu I have uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times... I have used task manager to end the process every time... Rebooted my pc about 20 times... PLEASE HELP ME