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  1. No, sorry, It was over when Nineshadow posted I completely forgot this existed lol
  2. The site i bought it off tests things before they sell or ship
  3. I just got a new cpu (i7 4770) To replace my i5 4590 The i7 was preowned fyi And i put it in and now my pc just turns on fans spin and then it turns off... please help.
  4. lol i thought he meant that GOG supplies pirated versions of games. of course i know that all GOG games are DRM Free... just a misunderstanding haha
  5. but is the performance improvement large enough to justify spending the money?
  6. so I currently have an i5 4590 and I'd like to upgrade (to either the 4770 or 4790) and Im not sure if those 2 cpus will make much of a difference over my current one. The main reason I'm upgrading is because of VR... I use an OSVR HDK 2 which while running the osvr server my cpu is at 20% just because of that one program, and then all the other things make the overall usage at 35% ish and then that only leaves 65% for the game im running. its constantly at 100% in games. and as my current cpu is the very minimum for vr i feel like upgrading it would help performance a lot.
  7. Will do... when i get paid lol Thanks for the help... hopefully my vr experience will improve
  8. It's not negotiable... its second hand from a proper outlet store... that's why its all expensive
  9. Yeah i just found where to change it Sorry lol
  10. A gtx 1070 is way too expensive... about the price of cpu and ram together
  11. I'd need a new case for that mobo Its only matx when that mobo is atx And the cheapest 16gb ram set is only 255
  12. I dont trust oc ing on cpus And its legit the cheapest 4790k available
  13. I have 16gb i upgraded that last year but i haven't found how to edit the signature i also have an rx 480 So yeah...
  14. So i have an i5 4590 and would like to upgrade... Without me giving reasons. All i want to know is what is better value/more worth it for the money. That is all. So I found an i7 4790k for $400 used ... (I'm Australian) it sounds a lot... but in comparison I could get an i5 7600k for $299 however I'd need to get a new mobo and new ram and a new cooler which would bring up the price to around 900 Is the price difference worth the upgrade. Or is the 4790k more powerful anyway Thanks