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    Intel Core i7-3820
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    Sabertooth x79
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    Corsair Vengeance 16GB DDR3
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    Asus Nvidia Geforce GT 610
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    Thermaltake level 10 gt
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    2x1TB Raid config
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    Corsair TX650
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    Acer 24" 1920x1080 and Hp 24" 1920x1200
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    Artic Freezer i30
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    Windows 8 (only use the desktop, so basically W7)

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  1. I am looking to turn an old computer into a media server and I was wondering if there was an app like apple tv available for ubuntu? It allows you to sign in to all of your services and then select that particular service or watch a personal movie that you have stored on a NAS. Does an app like this exist? My dream set up would be to have this plugged into the tv and not have to worry about going to chrome or anything to watch HBO or netflix or a movie that I own, it all being accessible in one place, under one app.
  2. I really like the easy of life with smartwatches. step tracking and daily plans is super nice to see through the day. Being in college and trying to do everything can often lead to things being missed or forgotten about. So having something on your wrist to tell you about something that has to happen would be quite nice to have.
  3. We should all be supporting upgradeable storage and replaceable batteries. Since I am able to do both of those with my G4 I have been able to take lots of photos and never having to worry about filling up my space on my phone. I have also been able to split the usage to my batteries equally between them since I am not just using one battery.
  4. I really love the feature of removable batteries. I got an extra because I was with tmobile, which also came with a charging cradle for it and I use it constantly. Always knowing I have a fully charged battery is such a nice feeling and especially nice when you travel a lot and need to quickly change your battery. I was thinking of oneplus 5t since I like the size of the display and the finger print scanner on it. I will definitely be waiting till the next upgrade of phones to see what has been improved and go from there. For the price and what you get, I have to say that oneplus
  5. Well in an ideal world I would want an android with iMessage and facetime. I prefer the OS on android with its customizability but I also want a nice clean look like iOS. What I wish was better on my phone is a longer update cycle like with iPhone and a better battery life. I do not really want to lose the knock to wake up since I use that feature like crazy, but I want a fingerprint scanner. Well my current phone has last me 3 years so far and is still going strong, no cracks or anything. I do not want to spend $1k on a phone, prefer one more in the $500 range.
  6. Now now lets keep this civil. I have been looking at smartwatches more closely ever since my mother got one for christmas this year, apple watch 2. I played with it for a bit and quite like the feel of the device. What I do not like is the UI. So I went to the store to mess with some android wear and I really prefer their wear OS and the UI. I am also suck with the not sure which phone device to use. I currently have an LG G4 but it is no longer getting the new google updates. I love how I am able to switch my batteries and have amazing camera quality for a phone with manual mode. The SD card
  7. Okay I will look into them. I am wanting to use the sub as well since it is like a $200 home theater sub (I worked at an audio place during the summer so I was able to get it cheap) and it seems like a sin to not let it be used.
  8. I was wondering if there was a device that will split the audio into left/right and sub. My desktop has recently bit the dust (R.I.P 2012-2018) and now I have a sub that is completely useless until I am able to afford a new computer. I was hoping that it would have a 3.5mm input, then output the left/right like normal and filter the lows into its own output for me to put into my sub. Have to get my beat back and shake the building!!
  9. Well I will just need to save up so I can buy a new pc. Which I am already doing but prices are insane though, luckily I already have my gpu.
  10. I looked and it is still crazy prices. I guess I will just have to wait for some money to buy a new computer after the computer I am already in the process of gathering parts when they are on sale.
  11. Dang. Yeah that does make sense. Well now I have a massive paper weight in my dorm. And I just bought some new games over christmas break :,(
  12. I am just searching lga 2011 socket motherboards. I went looking for the same board I have since I already know it and I know everything fits. I was just hoping to get some for like $20 since it is 7 year old hardware.
  13. So over the winter break computer died to an outage. I thought that it might have just been the PSU but I just tried my buddies PSU and it still doesnt work. So now I think it is the motherboard. I went to see about buying a new one thinking that they would be super cheap since no one would be needing one. When I looked for the same motherboard I have they are listed at like $399 to $500!!! Why is it soooo expensive to buy 7 year old motherboards? I have also included a video of what happens when I try to turn on my computer. 20180110_195321.mp4
  14. thanks. I already have my evga gpu so I won't be getting a new one since this is meant to replace my current computer. I am making this one since I travel a lot from home and college.