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    MSI Z97 Gaming 7
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    2x8GB Corsair Vengeance Pro 2133mHz
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    EVGA 980 Ti x2
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    White Air 540
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    HyperX 120GB, 840 EVO 500GB, 850 Pro 512, WD Black 1TB
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  1. I have 16 programs/apps pinned to my taskbar. At startup, the pins are slow to load. I do have quite a few utilities loading at startup, so I can understand that. What's bothering me is during general use, they randomly disappear then reload slowly. Are there any known programs that cause this? Just a Windows bug? Just to add...The pinned programs are on multiple drives(3 SSDs and a HDD) and they all disappear and reload.
  2. Stayed between 120 and 156fps Avg Fidelity 11 Very high 0% lost or cpu bound 4770k 16GB 2133 Ram SLI 980Ti Windows 10
  3. I have had some weird hangups as well where I have to power down manually. Mouse still moves but nothing is interactable. Not as frequent as you and never in a game...usually while using chrome, awkwardly.
  4. Is it partitioned? May need to use diskpart in command prompt and delete a partition.
  5. At 1080p... 35-ish. Turn down a few settings should put you around the 50-ish mark.
  6. It's not bad for the price. As for the rating...I rated it on systems I've seen. To get a 10, I'd want to see extreme edition CPU, high end mobo, SLI, premium case, custom loop cooling, massive SSDs, etc, etc... I always recommend a bigger SSD and cut the HDD out of the budget. You can always get an HDD later since they're cheap. I'd recommend going to Windows 10 since MSFT is creating restrictions as far as DX12 and I thought they did a thing involving Skylake only supported on 10, iirc. I also recommend dual channel memory configs.
  7. 2.5/10. Non-k cpu midrange mobo only 1 ram stick small SSD no dedicated gpu old OS +1 for a gold rated PSU 3.5/10 Edit: Didn't see GPU. Add another point, I guess.
  8. Textures pop in and out. Not like disappear, but switch back and forth from to HD to UHD.
  9. Id like to shake the guys hand that came up with that one. Just be cautious using it in public. Lol.
  10. Oh yea. That's what it means. But like I said, I have brothers that are half so they allow me to use that endearing term.
  11. My little bothers are half nig nog, but we call them nig nogs anyways. Huge part of my family's vocab nowadays.
  12. Of course only a small OC. I've OC'd a phone years ago and it ran fine, but was hot as hell in my hand, and probably diminished it's lifespan.
  13. Normally, I'd say,"Just NO". Don't do it. It's a laptop. But since it's your first post, welcome to the forum. The coolermasters are the best i've seen. I never overclocked my laptop, but I did have overheating problems and the coolermaster helped until I replaced the thermal paste, pads, and cleaned the fan and cooler fins.