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    MikeTz reacted to Curufinwe_wins in Upgrading my semi-old/bad PC   
    GPU 380 4GB or 390 (or go used with a non-reference 290) 200-300 USD
    Don't bother with a new cooler, just get a better fan like the Venturi HP-14. It will be plenty good enough. 20 USD
    Grab another HDD (even new 40 USD for a 1TB option)
    I would highly recommend the S340 or Fractal Design Define S, both are much cheaper and imho better cases than the Lian Li you proposed.
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    MikeTz reacted to Electronics Wizardy in Upgrading my semi-old/bad PC   
    Id gett a good gpu, Don't worry about the cooler a hyper 212 is very good and you won't get much better. Get a new HDD for 100 like a 3-4tb wd green/blue.
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    MikeTz reacted to RuLeZ in Upgrading my semi-old/bad PC   
    300 on the GPU, 40 on cooler and 60 on a NEW HDD.
    Somethings you can buy used, but not HDD.
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    MikeTz reacted to vodkapump in deceptive reviews and shoddy advertisement practices being cracked down on in youtube re Machinima/xbox 1   
    If you guys really think someone who runs a business with (8? 9? how many is it now Linus?) employees, is going to have a changed opinion because they get to keep a 600usd phone.. You guys need to wake up and try being in a real business, and not serve food at the local McDonalds.
    No one in their right mind would sacrifice their whole integrity, and the jobs of potentially 10+ people for something like that.
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    MikeTz got a reaction from PineappleHolidays in Overclocking options are all locked on Auto! Please help!   
    Don't double post.
    If in the first post your question wasn't answered then try google, don't repost and if that doesn't work contact MSI.
    It's simple
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    MikeTz reacted to Syntaxvgm in Yes or No?   
    >Warning Point
    Prepare your anus. 
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    MikeTz reacted to Speedbird in Best value AMD CPU for gaming?   
    Athlon X4 860K all the way. It has a better architecture, better efficiency, and you won't be on a 7-year old platform.
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    MikeTz got a reaction from KenJimmY in Case Recommendations?   
    Enthoo Pro with Window is the best case that fits the criteria.
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    MikeTz reacted to SIGSEGV in Currently the most upvoted post on reddit   
    Yes, that's it
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    MikeTz got a reaction from minibois in Fast As Possible(FAP õ_ö) on camera lenses ?   
    Confirmed it is then, the majority 3 out 3 say aye, 0 say nay (HoC hype) 
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    MikeTz reacted to The Crazed Child in total biscuit comment section   
    rubbish site called reddit
    rubbish site called reddit
    rubbish site called reddit
    rubbish site called reddit
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    MikeTz reacted to Nup in Which would u have out of the two monitors?   
    IPS every time. Personally I feel no difference between the two response times. 
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    MikeTz reacted to Aniallation in Good smartphone or decent smartphone + smartwatch   
    Not sure if I'll be able to get a 2nd gen. But first gen wouldn't be a big deal to me for a ~100 dollar phone.
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    MikeTz reacted to ZetZet in General Tips for new monitor   
    IPS, Price/Reviews.
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    MikeTz reacted to nicklmg in Venom Blackbook 15   
    Please stop doing this. I'm sure I'm not the only one who is annoyed by this.
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    MikeTz reacted to 79wjd in Looking for a great 1080p IPS display   
    Dell P2414H, U2414H, S2340L 
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    MikeTz reacted to Priller in Linus and the word "basically"   
    So basically, what are you trying to say...?
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    MikeTz reacted to huilun02 in Operation: Childhood   
    Don't dwell on the past.
    Reflecting on it is good enough.
    Save yourself the $ and trouble.
    Just get a job, spend wisely and meaningfully, and live life.
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    MikeTz reacted to Geekazoid in NZXT H440 vs Corsair 760t   
    I agree with @MikeTz, the H440 is the best option IMHO. NZXT H440 FTW! B)
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    MikeTz got a reaction from Geekazoid in NZXT H440 vs Corsair 760t   
    H440 would be better in my opinion.
    I have been left disappointed by Corsair products lately,especially the cases. The barrier of quality you would expect has been lowered significantly.
    H440 FTW
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    MikeTz reacted to Shockz in BackUp software for android phones... (Sony Xperia L)   
    Titanium Backup is what I use, get the pro version and it only takes a few minutes. I have heard good things about Helium b/c it is more user friendly. Both should back up apps and their data, as well as text messages and stuff.
    It will get backed up to your phone then just copy the folder to the computer.
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    MikeTz reacted to Oshino Shinobu in Dell UltraSharp U2412M and Lenovo Y510p   
    Use a HDMI to DVI cable, or just use a DVI adapter. Use either DL or SL, it doesn't matter at 1080p. 
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    MikeTz reacted to MetroP in AMD Releasing Public Mantle SDK This Year, Encourages Nvidia and Intel to Use it... For Free.   
    Actions speak louder than words. AMD has always done things that benefited the entire industry instead of just themselves. Mantle, FreeSync and OpenCL are great examples of this. Nvidia on the other hand likes to keep things very much locked down and proprietary even if it's bad for their users or the industry as a whole.
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    MikeTz got a reaction from Eddynstain in Had a HighLANder mousepad made   
    I have the same mouse and I also made a mousepad with the same service

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    MikeTz reacted to brownninja97 in Most 'merican image you will ever get to see