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    Demonking reacted to A/C in Gaming motherboard   
    Rampage VI black edition.
    But srsly, this question has been asked more times than I care to remember. Why didn't you use the serach function before you made another thread? Geezus!
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    Demonking got a reaction from xXmjzXx in FX 8350 vs i5 4670k   
    I5 4670K 
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    Demonking reacted to Leonard in WAAAY to High Cpu Usage   
    This sounds like you are infected with a malicious software running in the background. Norton 360 is as blind as Ray Charles when it comes to finding serious viruses. You can open task manager and then go to the processes tab, if it is not selected already, then click on the Show processes from all users on the bottom of that window and then look for what process is using up your PC's resources and end the process.
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    Demonking reacted to TopWargamer in Rumor: 1600x900 900p ‘to be the norm’ for XBox One   
    "Next gen"

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    Demonking reacted to Langdon in Coolest you've ever had your CPU?   
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    Demonking reacted to mgsstar in PC wont shutdown, it restarts   
    I would maybe try disabling Shutdown Wake-On-Lan by going to your adapter settings.
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    Demonking reacted to hehehehhehehehe in 4770k BF4 temps high?   
    Bf4 beta is hugely unoptimized and CPU intensive.
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    Demonking reacted to mgsstar in AMD or Intel processor for BF4 build (ultra)   
    I would get an 8320 with a M5A99X EVO R2.0 and overclock it.