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  1. Agree
    Demonking reacted to The Sloth in Cyberpunk 2077 - multiplayer mode will have micropayments   
    Kinda disappointed they lied, they should have just said it from the beginning. 
  2. Funny
    Demonking reacted to FloRolf in German Network Agency says 56 KBit/s is a functional internet connection.   
    As a German, I approve this. Our government is just too damn stupid to build a proper broadband internet. Not even in bigger cities I'm afraid. 
    Edit: just to give you some perspective, just a couple years ago (like 2-4 years I don't remember) the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, said "The internet is virigin territory for all of us"... 
  3. Funny
    Demonking reacted to Herman Mcpootis in Intel recalls Xeon...   
  4. Agree
    Demonking reacted to mr moose in T mobile sues company for using the color magenta   
    Now this is (in my opinion) a text book case of patent/trademarking system failures.
  5. Like
    Demonking reacted to BuckGup in Stock traders use glitch in trading app robinhood to borrow unlimited money   
    He should of dumped it into crypto and disappeared off the face of the earth. Only issue is RobinHood needs your SSN and drivers license so they know exactly who you are. But I would blame robinhood and not the person
  6. Like
    Demonking reacted to rawrdaysgoby in Stock traders use glitch in trading app robinhood to borrow unlimited money   
    Yo That is really bad, should have reported the glitch and not let it loose. They are now at risk of being sued and he lost money it would be extremely terrible for them. 
    If they had reported the glitch they might have gotten cash $$$. Not only that with that much money it can cause major distortion to the markets if all robinhood does it. 
  7. Agree
    Demonking reacted to Arika S in Intel’s Entire 10th Gen Comet Lake Desktop CPU Lineup Leaked + Intel 400-Series Platform & LGA 1200 Socket Detailed   
    Which doesnt doesn't matter to a large chunk of people. people already use coolers well above what would be needed for their current CPU and PSUs with a huge excess of power
  8. Funny
    Demonking reacted to FunkmastaFlex in malware turned discord into info stealing backdoor   
    I've been playing Borderlands 3 a lot lately and read malware as Maliwan
  9. Funny
  10. Informative
    Demonking reacted to FezBoy in PCIe 5.0 comes to Intel along with a new socket   
    PCIe 4.0 was standardized in 2017 but not adopted widely until this year.
    PCIe 5.0 was finalized in May of this year, after AMD had finalized the 5xx chipset and motherboard spec, so they used 4.0.  It wouldn't make sense for intel to use 4.0 for what they are developing now, and they are only upgrading because AMD did.
  11. Funny
    Demonking reacted to NumLock21 in PCIe 5.0 comes to Intel along with a new socket   
    Because 5 comes after 4.
  12. Funny
  13. Funny
    Demonking reacted to seee the state im in nooow in Canadian firm invents invisibility cloak.   
    i swear, if it's an extremely glorified this thing: https://imgur.com/gallery/6rOoBRg
    (forum doesn't do external mp4 embeds, so yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay)
  14. Funny
    Demonking reacted to Deli in Proposed Settlement for Class Action Lawsuit against AMD regarding the FX CPUs is now accepting claims: Customers could recieve up to $300   
    $300, almost enough to get a 3700X. Buy one and get one free. LOL.
  15. Like
    Demonking reacted to NumLock21 in Man accidentally buys i9-9900KS, release immenient?   
    There is the 9900KF which is a 9900K without the iGPU. I wonder what the S stands for, Special Edition?
  16. Funny
    Demonking reacted to seee the state im in nooow in New InWin Case Called Alice   
    ATX case made out of crates
    comes in a box
    ships in a crate
  17. Agree
    Demonking reacted to circeseye in Windows 10 November 2019 Update - Here is everything you need to know - OUT NOW!   
    please dont be buggy, please dont be buggy, please dont be buggy, please dont be buggy
  18. Agree
  19. Funny
    Demonking reacted to seon123 in Arctic releases new line of AIO coolers   
    Anyway. So it is just another Asetek with a fancy pump/block, or have they actually done something themselves?
  20. Funny
    Demonking reacted to S w a t s o n in Red Dead 2 PC Nov 5th   
  21. Agree
    Demonking reacted to pas008 in AMD Agrees To Pay Out $35 Per Chip Over FX Marketing Lawsuit   
    yup its funny
    look at the 970 settlement nvidia should pay pay pay oh no not my amd this is ridiculous
    its performance was exactly right behind the 980 consistently
    and did have the 4gb just slower .5
    but I dont care either way I got my 2x in on that think in the end i paid 220 for each 970 lol,
  22. Agree
    Demonking reacted to LAwLz in AMD Agrees To Pay Out $35 Per Chip Over FX Marketing Lawsuit   
    It's not just cache that was shared between the "cores" though.
    It was the fetch, the decode, the FP scheduler, the i-cache, and L2 cache that were shared between each integer core inside each module.
    And it's not up to AMD to decide what is and isn't part of a core, or "complement system".
    Just like it wasn't up to Nvidia if the 4GB of VRAM in the 970 was actually 4GB or misleading marketing.
  23. Agree
    Demonking reacted to LAwLz in AMD Agrees To Pay Out $35 Per Chip Over FX Marketing Lawsuit   
    I disagree.
    If advertisement makes the average confused and jump to the wrong conclusion then it's disingenuous and I like to see the consumer get protected.
    Consumer protection laws exist for a reason. You can't expect the average Joe to be an expert in every field. Just because I don't know a lot about cars doesn't mean it should be allowed to take advantage of that lack of knowledge in advertisements.
    I see this as a victory for consumers, because it hopefully scares other companies off from trying to create deceptive marketing material in the future. It's a shame that this happened to AMD now that things are finally going well for them, but I think it's good that the law stepped in and protected consumers.
    I'm just surprised that it happened with the FX cores rather than the bullshit marketing AMD tried to pull with "compute cores". They started combining the CPU and GPU cores in some processors. So you could buy a "6 compute core CPU" which turned out to be a dual core with 4 GPU cores.
  24. Agree
    Demonking reacted to Arika S in Philips to release 27", 32" and 55" 4K 120 Hz HDR Monitors   
    ...that's a TV
  25. Agree
    Demonking reacted to Commodus in Employee leaks hundreds of Google documents revealing its search-results manipulation and biases   
    Not at all.  It's been repeatedly caught spreading false claims.  It's a right-wing propaganda machine.