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  1. Funny
    Demonking reacted to StDragon in Epic Games Store banned entire ProtonMail e-mail domain   
    ProtonMail? What's that??
    *looking at website*
    Ooohhhh! I like! Thank's for bringing this to my attention Epic Games!
    *goes to create an account now*
  2. Agree
    Demonking reacted to justpoet in Epic Games Store banned entire ProtonMail e-mail domain   
    Epic is trash.  Protonmail is one of the better security, encryption, and privacy e-mail companies.
    Unfortunately, this isn't the first time something like this has happened against protonmail, since they won't hand over (or sell) their user data to other companies.
  3. Funny
    Demonking reacted to 5x5 in Epic Games Store banned entire ProtonMail e-mail domain   
    Guess the encryption was too strong for the Chinese government to crack so they banned it
  4. Informative
    Demonking reacted to RejZoR in Epic Games Store banned entire ProtonMail e-mail domain   
    It has recently come to my attention that Epic Games Store is yet again doing another major screw up with very questionable motives and decisions. This time around by banning ENTIRE e-mail service domain pretty much "coz reasons". Specifically ProtonMail's domain "protonmail.com". So, if you have a ProtonMail e-mail address, you cannot use it to create account at Epic Games Store anymore. Neither you can change your existing e-mail to ProtonMail one. If you already have ProtonMail address used from some time ago, they will let you keep it. Which further proves the absurdity of their decision...
    Epic's response to user inquiry on the situation:
    Upon further inquiry, user got this response:
    And final response from Epic:
    Specifically the last response is highly questionable. They claim ProtonMail, the e-mail service with highest levels of encryption, security and privacy that goes magnitudes above anything anyone else offers, somehow doesn't fulfill Epic's "security measures". Yeah sure Epic, you're gonna preach us about security when you just added 2FA to your own service after everyone was outraged of not providing one, where everyone else like Steam, Origin and even ProtonMail had it for ages.
    This excuse also doesn't fly if they only do this because somehow free accounts are being abused. Because GMail, Outlook, GMX, one of worlds largest e-mail providers totally do not provide free accounts that can obviously be abused just the same as ProtonMail. Yet Epic is not just banning entire gmail.com, outlook.com or gmx.com domains. I wonder why?
    Original thread on Reddit:
    Such behavior needs to be criticized because it's simply unacceptable and shouldn't happen to any e-mail service provider, no matter their size or number of users they have. Banning entire e-mail domain of a service provider just makes them look incompetent and lazy. And another reason they dropped chances of me ever buying anything on their store dead on to zero. Not that it was particularly high before anyways thanks to all the nonsense they've been doing through the past months...
  5. Agree
    Demonking reacted to Senzelian in PS5 Design Revealed + All New Games!   
    I think the Xbox SX looks better.
    This reminds me a lot of the PS3 with its rather cheap look. 
  6. Funny
    Demonking reacted to aisle9 in PS5 Design Revealed + All New Games!   
    Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the Apple iStation, running the all new playOS.
  7. Funny
    Demonking reacted to lewdicrous in PS5 Design Revealed + All New Games!   
    So this was just to bamboozle us?

    TBF, the actual design looks heaps better.
  8. Funny
    Demonking reacted to Aereldor in You wouldn't download a Manga would you? - Japan tightens manga piracy laws   
    Funny that the literal most popular manga/anime franchise in the world is about pirates
  9. Funny
    Demonking reacted to Den-Fi in Corsair recalls SF series platinum psus over failure problems   
    🤨 You just made that up, lol. 🤨
  10. Like
    Demonking reacted to williamcll in YouTube is deleting comments with two phrases that insult China’s Communist Party   
    This sounds like cherrypicking considering many other channels of other kinds of political backgrounds have faced the wrath of Youtube's algorithm.
    Ironic, considering Youtube is still banned in china when Doki Doki Literature Club got lifted not too long ago. 
  11. Funny
    Demonking reacted to Var_ in YouTube is deleting comments with two phrases that insult China’s Communist Party   
    YouTube is secretly gathering data for the Chinese government. Ask Dennis, he knows all about it
  12. Funny
    Demonking reacted to TempestCatto in Hackers infect multiple game developers with advanced malware   
    🇯🇲 Ya mon, pass the 
  13. Agree
    Demonking reacted to xtroria in Intel Core i9-10900K Stressed, Package Power Reads 235W, Temperatures 93°C   
    The people who are yelling how "hot" 9900K runs and how this CPU is going to be hot as hell as well, please bear in mind the cpu clock this thing is running at.
    4.8Ghz, on 10 cores 20 threads and the "hot" 9900K are usually being overclocked to 5Ghz. 
    Try running this at amd's usual 4.2 - 4.3ghz clock speed and we'll see the temp.
    By all means, I'm not an intel fanboy. I recommend AMD for most people. But it's important to recognize why the CPU runs hot as hell
  14. Agree
    Demonking reacted to Arika S in AMD listened.. again? Zen 3 support on B450/X470   
    first time i've actually seen Der8auer's face.
    Holy shit AMD is in super damage control. Good that consumers held them accountable for the things they say, but don't give them a free pass for doing something that (according to AMD themselves) should have been done in the first place.
  15. Agree
    Demonking reacted to RejZoR in Senate vote allows FBI access to your browsing history without a warrant   
    Also, isn't it convenient that federal employees are excluded from this thing... Just like the earn it bullshit bill. Expose everyone, but the pigs around the bowl. Those pigs have special privileges that allow them to use the encryption. Or have any kind of browsing history...
  16. Like
    Demonking reacted to SpaceGhostC2C in Senate vote allows FBI access to your browsing history without a warrant   
    'Murica be like:
    - 3,000 deaths 20 years ago: it's so frightening! Take all my rights!
    - 85,000 deaths today, and counting: it's just the flu! Liberate Michigan!
  17. Agree
    Demonking reacted to Bombastinator in AMD not supporting Zen3 on older motherboards :(   
    Re: that’s not how it worked.  There does appear to be an official and unofficial bios system.  B350 does not officially support zen2 but unofficially often does at least somewhat.  It’s possible b450 will get this treatment for zen3.  We won’t know until zen3 releases though, or an announcement is made.  One thing I don’t know is if 400 series chipsets have merely a bios size limitation or if there is another reason zen3 cannot be put on b450.
    I disagree about the forewarned. There were serious mixed signals about that one.   Can they be interpreted as forewarning? Sure.  There was nothing explicit until the last announcement though and that announcement was really late for some people.  It still hasn’t completely penetrated.  I fielded two build assistance requests on the forum where there were people who STILL thought b450 would run zen3 when it came out.
  18. Agree
    Demonking reacted to mr moose in AMD not supporting Zen3 on older motherboards :(   
    You are still placing all the technical understanding, oblligation and ability to determine future support on the consumer and not the Company making the stuff.
  19. Agree
    Demonking reacted to IntMD in AMD not supporting Zen3 on older motherboards :(   
    Just posted this in the Hardware Unboxed video, but thought I would put it here too with some minor modifications and some additional info...
    I bought a B450i Aorus Pro wifi in November, along with a 2700X (it was on sale for USD130.00 in Microcenter when I was in the US on holiday) - my personal first ever purchase of an AMD cpu at all.
    The plan was to skip Zen 2 and then get a Zen 3 chip 4700X or similar. I was also going to wait and see which ITX B550 boards, if any, had the USB C front panel connector and pick up one of those when they were eventually out. In which case, what they are saying wouldn't really affect me in reality, as I'm not going to pick up the only ITX (or rather, DTX) AM4 board with a USB C front panel connector, because;
    1. It's an Asus board
    2. I costs more than a 3800X, and I'm done with spending >£300.00+ on a motherboard these days
    After this announcement though, I might just wait for AM5 (or whatever Intel are on at the time if they get their shit together) or whatever it gets called. I might also, just pick up a secondhand 3700X when the prices drop sufficiently on those for me to care enough about getting one. Either way, neither the AIBs or AMD will be getting any further money directly from me for any AM4 (at the very least), if it things are going to go the way AMD are currently saying it will.
    Intel aren't good about stuff like this either, but considering the entire Gigabyte X570 motherboard lineup only has 16mb BIOS chips apparently so I doubt it is unlikely to be higher than that just for Zen 2 & 3 being supported (assuming they even have to drop the Ryzen+ & the AF models compatibility in the BIOS update) or Gigabyte are also screwed, and the MSI Max boards stating what they did I understand why some people are super salty about it. For me, I'll probably just end up new GPU later this year like I had already planned, and save some money on upgrading the CPU & MB.
  20. Agree
    Demonking reacted to Rancidpunk in AMD not supporting Zen3 on older motherboards :(   
    To be fair AMD must have watched at least some of the many, many reviewers telling people that X570 boards weren't worth the expense unless you need PCIe 4 as a good B450 board had you covered for the upgrade path to Zen 3. 
    If AMD had felt the need to continue building their corporate reputation as the plucky underdog fighting for the consumer they could have easily cleared up this confusion and even gone as far as releasing the B550 boards much earlier. 
    They chose to ride the wave of Ryzen upgrade-ability hype instead, no  big surprise from a corporate entity really and perhaps we consumers should remember that whatever we choose to believe of AMD, apple, intel, etc. is only the public face presented to us very carefully by their marketing startegists.
    Stock value and shareholders are all that really matter to any stock market listed companies.
  21. Agree
    Demonking reacted to JuztBe in AMD not supporting Zen3 on older motherboards :(   
    At least with Intel you know that you are screwed. While AMD pats you on the head, and then laughs behind your back.
    Got x470 Taichi and 1700x some time ago. Would've been pretty nice to upgrade to 4000 series.
  22. Agree
    Demonking reacted to mr moose in AMD not supporting Zen3 on older motherboards :(   
    For me it's mostly just looking at  history,  I gain nothing from assuming it is an artificial problem. I didn't accuse Intel of doing it for sales and I won't accuse AMD of doing it for sales either (that's what happens when we are not biased), but they certainly left the door open and the roadmap sign out long enough after they knew they weren't going to support gen 3 which left a lot of consumers with half the product they paid for.
    To be honest, whether this amounts to anything for individuals really comes down to the individual, I said it a million times in every Intel thread on the subject,  Hardly anyone upgrades their CPU that often that they are financially worse off because of this.  My gripe is with the people who recommended the B450 (and even some still recommending the cheaper B350) thinking it was guaranteed, and the way AMD handled it leaving people to think it was guaranteed.  
    I also have a pet gripe with idiots trying to to deflect from AMD and throw shit at Intel because they don't like the idea that their precious AMD has done what they accused Intel of doing.
  23. Agree
    Demonking reacted to mr moose in AMD not supporting Zen3 on older motherboards :(   
    So AMD actually market that Gen3 will be available on 2020 AM4 motherboards, people buy them then AMD reneg on that and your response is to be facetious about it and  continue to throw shit at Intel?
    This forum has hit rock bottom.  
  24. Agree
    Demonking reacted to mr moose in AMD not supporting Zen3 on older motherboards :(   
    Using that argument why are people unhappy with Intel, they are still supporting CPU's on socket 1151.
     EDIT: what are they up to now 4th generation on 1151?   
    It's amazing how people justify their biases.
  25. Funny
    Demonking reacted to Arika S in AMD not supporting Zen3 on older motherboards :(   
    don't mind me, just mining this thread