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  1. I guess I gotta hold on to this shitty 2700x then since these are a disappoinment
  2. oh im dealing with them now with this shitty Armoury Crate, which won't go back to default lighting thanks to it still leaving files on my pc, even after using revouninstaller. Literally got 6 email from 6 different support staff trying to help me, and non of em are.
  3. My Crosshair hero VII wifi has 32mb bios rom, but Asus was 1 of the manufacturers to not care as much like MSI.
  4. I guess buying the x470 crosshair hero 7 wasn't a good idea with future support for 4000 series in mind
  5. I just wanna know if my drive I just bought is good for storing and running games on ? https://www.newegg.com/seagate-barracuda-st2000dm008-2tb/p/N82E16822184773?item=N82E16822184773
  6. All of em are doing stock buy backs especially with the tax cuts they got.
  7. Hopefully with this it will stop aura from crashing in rainbow mode, like it always had for me
  8. That and my OLOy WarHawk ram and i hope evga start using aura too
  9. It is, mine is filled with them and it works with my old board from 2017.
  10. I never used that i uninstall and delete the files left over
  11. Corrections my Z270 Strix E board does work even though its not on the list. I wish my OLOy WarHawk RGB was supported. I wish my Z270 Strix E board was on the list.
  12. And watch these be the same mofo to go after EA, Ubisoft and Activision for similar shit. They never keep the same energy.
  13. Holy shit, AMD stock has been going up and down this year he might be screwed.
  14. Turned on my pc and steam friends was open saying its disconnected. Steam store is up though.
  15. https://twitter.com/DEMONKINGX5/status/1176679198716583937?s=20
  16. https://twitter.com/DEMONKINGX5/status/1165090161597845504?s=20
  17. No. i bought right when it was new in 2017, no issues as of yet.
  18. I have that exact cooler. I've had for about 2 years now, and no issues so far.