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    upstate NY
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    RC aircraft. computers
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    mariner.. working as deckhand on tugboat


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    P9X79 Pro
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    32GB (4x8) corsiar vengeance LP 2133
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    MSI GTX 780 (reference)
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    CM Storm Scout 2 with 5 Noctua fans
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    Sandisk Extreme 2 480gb. x2 RAID 0
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    Seasonic SS-760XP2 platinum
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    QNIX QX2710 Evolution II 27" 1440p
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    Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme with Noctua fan
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    Ducky Shine 2 tkl white led
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    logitech G502
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    Logitech Z200 (i know its crappy but I have few complaints. it makes sound)

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  1. COD mobile is a fantastic game. Theres also pubg mobile. I just play for fun though not competitive. I use a controller like this thats similar to scuf controller amd ipad mini. I cant do the claw grip shiz. I know all the competitive players use Apple devices for the mobile games. The apps just run way better and cooler on those. Also the battery lasts a lot longer. If you watch youtubes of some of the competetive pubg players, some of them use iphone 11 pro with claw grips.
  2. This thread is for sharing pics from the mavic air 2 drone that was released last May. If you got em post em! Also post pics of your drones and setup.
  3. Wow that guy can really shred. Impressive. Also, ive been on a B52 kick lately.
  4. I built a crappy rolling stand out of spare peices of wood and castor wheels many years ago. It only raises the PC about 10" off the floor. It also makes moving the heavy PC around very easy. I think it would be nice to make something like this that looks nicer.. Also, that's my old antec 1200. It fell out of the back of my car once and hit the pavement. Amazingly, the computer components inside were unharmed. Its lucky it only had a 1060 in there though. One of the back corners crushed and it bent the case a little.. I will try to fix it the bast I can. I love this cas
  5. As long as its good with your carrier. Ive had the experience of buying an "unlocked" phone and it won't update the OS software on my carrier. I have T-Mobile and the phone was orgianlly at&t. So a few features are missing like wifi calling and att spam call blocker app. It's kinda annoying. I think I'm going to try to borrow someone's sim card on att to see if it will let me update the OS. I'm probably missing some nice camera features and stability fixes. But if that phone is all good that sounds like a deal.
  6. The only thing I can suggest is that playing a custom map on rust may yield less than optimal fps. If you're getting good fps in all your other games and it's only the custom rust map, than it may be just that one map. I've noticed custom cs:go maps sometimes getting sorta lower fps. Of course a 2080 should just beast mode through anything so I dunno.
  7. You need a good tool to get those screws in like a screwdriver similar size to linus handy snap-on one. That would be perfect for fan screws.
  8. Ohhh I have one of these for parent. I went with a Silverstone argon cooler. The fan makes a racket though with 4.2 GHz overclocked cpu. .. perhaps you're better off with something less noisy or different fan. But you want rgb anyway. Can you just add an rgb fan to the cooler of your choice. But it has to be a standalone rgb system because I'm sure there can't be many fm2/fm2+ mobos with rbg headers ..
  9. I am curious which ram do you have that does not fit? I am considering 3880x. Also, can you put the one 140mm fan in the wrong spot? I did this with mine unintentionally.. so if you put the fan in the back near rear exhaust case fan it will give similar cooling performance but not be in the optimal location. It will free up ram slots towards the front of the case if you do this And it means you only use 4 sticks of ram.
  10. This is great I've never heard of those. Though I wonder what the difference is between Superlux 681 and akg k240. They look the same but different colors. According to rtings review the 681s are better than k240 https://www.rtings.com/headphones/tools/compare/akg-k240-mkii-vs-superlux-hd-681/387/471