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    jclappers reacted to Snef in [Build Log] Snef's Bloody Angel   
    i made some test with Plasti-dip for Bloody Angel
    for sure the armor of the Maximus VI Formula will be white, but i don't want to paint it permanently, i will use plasti-dip
    sure its not the armor but give a great idea of the result and i like it , its pure white
    i tried on my Xonar Phoebus,

    Really like the result, with the custom backplate, it will be perfect
    at beginning, my plan was to add the original Asus chrome and red ROG logo sticker (you still see Asus) but they will be hidden

    same thing on Aquacomputer Poweradjust 5.25 bay, i like the results
    i did the same ting on my Aquaero 5 XT, but still in Sand of God
    now i tried to paint Angle Fittings and Crystal link C47 Fittings with regular paints
    i saw the price for 90 degree female -female angle fittings and $15 each not cheap (i know this hobby is not cheap)
    i tried to paint some
    in next pics, some are paint and some are Bitspower,

    Not to bad, these are only test, next time, i will screw the fittings to angle before painting
    i painted black angle and crystal link with 2 layer of primer and one layer of white gloss
    What do you think?
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    jclappers reacted to PBaines in Custom Water Cooled Desk - 56k warning. Lotsa Pictures! *Now with Table of Contents*   
    It was actually on the WAN show for two weeks
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    jclappers reacted to Akula in Project Armada - Watercooled | Define R4 Titanium | EK Waterblocks | Completed - Final Photo's   
    Completion - Final Photo's
    So another buildlog comes to an end, this is my third log featured on LinusTech and hopefully it won't stop there.
    Began filling the loop yesterday when i noticed a small leak in the Reservoir, the same leak that occurred within my Mercury build, this time it was my fault as i had forgot to place the O-Ring around the fitting
    Out of all my builds I've created over the past few years this would have to be my best, aesthetically, you may not agree, but that's fine.
    Anyway here's the photo's, stay in touch as a new build is always around the corner











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    jclappers reacted to RFM-PC in Cosmos 2-Sauron LOTR Edition Case Mod.   
    Definitely B
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    jclappers got a reaction from Gene5is in Asus Maximus VI Formula Crosschill WC   
    We tested it at work on a seperate loop with one rad and we got about 10-15 degrees Celsius lower
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    jclappers reacted to xaviersykora in Briefcase Computer!   
    This is just going to be a chassy, I won't be putting them on the inside as I wouldn't have any space
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    jclappers reacted to Lord Pantaloons in Part advice for gaming PC   
    If you're just gaming don't get an i7, an i5-3570k or i5-4670k will do fine, Asus generally makes the best motherboards, make sure you 2x4GB sticks of RAM, if you're unsure what CPU cooler to get just get a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo, it's the golden standard bang for your buck cooler.
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    jclappers reacted to Emkryan in [WIP] Snef's Sand of God   
    If you're hardcore you'll fill the loop with sand.
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    jclappers reacted to B NEGATIVE in Pump Advice Needed   
    D5 if silence is high on your list.
    The most reliable pump you can buy today,I use them exclusively
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    jclappers reacted to Lord Pantaloons in Is it a stupid idea to put cola in a WC loop?   
    Cola? why just cola? why not melted butter or olive oil or even chocolate?
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    jclappers got a reaction from delet my acc pls in [WIP] Snef's Sand of God   
    I have subbed, you may begin
    posted this right as you posted the pics
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    jclappers reacted to Hanoverfist in Sleeving: Discussion and Gallery   




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    jclappers reacted to Saladin in Sleeving: Discussion and Gallery   
    Topics I think you should cover (in no specific order):
    Wire gauges
    Pin types
    Crimping connectors
    Soldering wires
    Soldering connectors
    Removing pins
    Sleeving types (paracord, MDPC, etc)
    Heatshink vs Heatshinkless
    PSU pin outs (how to read a PSU voltage diagram)
    Achieving good bends
    Measuring correct lenghts
    Resources (other guides, where to buy, etc)
    Extension vs custom cables
    There are probably others but this is off the top of my head.
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    jclappers got a reaction from Thecrazyswede in Radiator thickness for GPU X2 and cpu loop - Tips needed.   
    that should work fine
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    jclappers got a reaction from KrazyKap in Should this Wire work for custom length PSU cables   
    Ive been looking at Lutro but i want to buy in bulk and that does not seem to be the way to go, i will be using mdpc sleeving
    also 16AWG wire now unless someone gives me a good reason as to another size
    thanks all for the help and feel free to keep discussing your preferred methods etc
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    jclappers got a reaction from Emperor_Piehead in [WIP] Snef's Sand of God   
    I literaly clicked post as the pictures appeared
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    jclappers reacted to LinusTech in Dual D5 Pumps   
    I can't recommend a parallel configuration in many situations these days with head pressure being so much more important than max rate but yeah if you want redundancy then dual d5s is a great way to go
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    jclappers reacted to B NEGATIVE in Would this Loop Work   
    Parallel for pumps doesnt work,series is the only real method of doing it.

    If one pump stops in parallel then you lose 80% of the total pump power as there is a high bypass situation.
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    jclappers reacted to Butterfish in Would this Loop Work   
    Btw, have you thought about how you are going to drain the system?
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    jclappers reacted to Butterfish in Would this Loop Work   
    I think it would work fine. I'm not really sure if you need 2 res and 2 pumps, but if it's for aesthetics then i can see why. I'm a bit worried about the pump running dry, since the res and the pump is horizontally alligned, and the res is on its side. This wouldn't really be a problem if the res is positioned a bit higher than the pump. Hope it helps
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    jclappers reacted to Blackterror25 in Would this Loop Work   
    couldn't there be a risk of your pumps running dry if you ever get a little low on coolant?