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  • Birthday Aug 23, 1997

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    69lover reincarnated reporting to duty
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    i5-2300 @ 3.10 ghz
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    Gigabyte h61m-ds2
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    hynix oem 2x4gb 1333mhz
  • GPU
    zotac gtx 970
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    corsair carbide 300r
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    1tb wd blue,1tb wd green,1tb seagate goflex
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    corsair vs650
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    Benq 21.5 inch 1080p 60hz gw2255
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    cm tx3 evo
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    cm devastator
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    cm devastator
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    windows 7 64 bit,ubuntu 14.04lts

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  1. so today's wan show would be hosted in vegas right ???
  2. linus is a dead man when he reaches home ......
  3. played euro truck simulator on 4k multi monitor setup ................ heaven redefined

    1.   Show previous replies  5 more
    2. switchkill


      nope you would need 2 290x or 980's even 3 for proper fps in many games

    3. DildorTheDecent
    4. switchkill


      yup.... was fun felt like actually driving a truck

  4. its better if you ignore these guys or it would be yesterday's hostage situation discussion all over again..... its no use trying to reprogram a hard coded microcontroller
  5. well technically yeah,i said so because the mods might intervene,nothing eles.... i personally enjoy history and cold war(weapons and aircraft's especially)
  6. trik i agree with you on stuff but guys this is a tech forum not a history one
  7. ohh the feed was crappy because the airwaves were locked by the counter terrorism unit
  8. no one knows about the chick where she dissapeared
  9. airplanes i awesome .... i kinda like those delta wing ones
  10. oh.... the other links arent working even for me...... i think you should just read the updates here
  11. does anyone know what helicopters those are????