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  1. Hey guys, i'm looking to get my current TV upgraded to something higher end that would be pretty great for movies, TV, gaming, etc. Ive been poking around and have found some features i'd like to try to go with even if I don't have a living room PC yet. Ive been trying to decide between an LG C9 65" or Omen X Emperium as they're both pretty damn close to the price i'm okay with spending (Microcenter has an emperium X for pretty cheap near me atm). So overall, which of these two tv's/monitors would you recommend? Though im not fully set on both of these, so any TV's/gaming monitors you'd recommend within the 55-65" range i'd be willing to look at.

    Main features wanted
    -HDR/Dolby Vision


    -55"-65" screen

    -90~120HZ if possible for PC gaming but not required


    Kinda wish the PG65UQ were cheaper as i would of honestly gotten that within this price range.