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  1. Yeah, my concern with flipping it and mounting with the L hanging off is that, maybe these mounts are designed to offload the principal weight of the monitor+stand vertically onto the table's surface. I'm concerned the L might start to bend or even just break if it's just hovering out there.
  2. Thanks guys. This actually sounds like the best idea here. Pictured below is a random vesa mount I found on Amazon. I could just remove the bottom bracket that has the thumb screw, and just bolt the vertical piece directly onto one of the horizontal beams of the desk (confirmed that desk is made from heavy stainless steel). My only concern is that the weight of the monitor (34" ultrawide) would cause the horizontal part of the bracket that is connected to the main rod to dip down and put pressure on the glass. I could put felt or rubber underneath it, but the pressure might still cause the g
  3. I have a bit of a different glass desk that has some potential for clamping a vesa mount. The entire frame of the desk (pictured below) is composed of 2" x 2" stainless steel, with a single plate of glass sitting on stand-offs about 1/8" above the steel frame. I'm wondering if I can use some kind of metal clamp, where the top of the clamp would slide between the glass and metal. Some possibly ill-conceived ideas for such clamps appear appear. Otherwise, is there any way I could clamp something onto one of the legs? I couldn't find anything like that. Desk in question:
  4. Thank you. I take it that new PCIe 4.0 mother board and storage that I listed in my original post is overkill, right?
  5. 1. Budget & Location Budget: ~$2,000 for computer only and I will set aside a few dollars for a monitor Location: Chicago, with access to a Microcenter. 2. Aim Editing video in Premiere and After Effects on a hobby basis. I'm mostly concerned with editing speed and my current setup lags like crazy when viewing the timeline when any effect/transition has been applied (unless I use proxy files for everything). Scrubbing is a nightmare. I usually create 5-10 minute videos with basic 4K footage from DJI consumer-level products (and the like) for family a
  6. I see. Strangely, I'm not trying to play any 4K content, so the HDMI 1.3 thing shouldn't be an issue. Plus, I'm using a Displayport cable now, which, in my uninformed view should avoid the HDMI 1.3 problems, right? In any event, I tried the gugu3d thing and wiped all drivers in safe mode, then installed the latest R9 200 series driver, but it still didn't work. Then I ran gugu3d again and installed the latest beta drivers. Just like before, it works, but the computer blinks/flashes every 15-30 seconds. Very frustrating. Do you know of a newer card I could purcha
  7. The Radeon software has an option to perform a "clean install," which purports to completely uninstall all prior drivers. But, I'll try the gugu3d thing and see if that works. FYI, someone else told me the real issue is that it has HDMI 1.3, which has poor support for this kind of thing. But the same issues persist even when I use displayport.
  8. Yea, I must be wrong on the HDCP support thing. I just couldn't find anything on the web that affirmatively stated it my card had HDCP support, so I assumed that was the issue (since people were saying that Youtube TV cannot stream in HD without it). So, I updated the driver to the latest "non-WQHL" beta driver, and low and behold, HD content on Youtube TV works! But, there's a side-effect. Whenever I'm streaming something on Youtube TV, my computer screen blinks every 30 seconds or so. Really frustrating. Also, on this beta driver, when I stream on Xfinitiy Live TV, it also
  9. This is really helpful. Thank you. I may just get an equivalent GPU that has HDCP support to avoid the headache. I'll take a look at the GTX 1050Ti and see if I can snag one for a reasonable price. By the way, how does one even begin to compare GPUs? Like, how do I compare my R9 285 against the GTX 1050Ti?
  10. Hi, I have an extreme noob question. And, I have a feeling the answer is obvious, but I have no idea how to figure it out short of asking you fine folks. I'm still using my first build, which contains the following relevant parts: GPU: SAPPHIRE 100374OCL Radeon R9 285 2GB 256-Bit GDDR5 CPU: Intel i7-4790k Motherboard: ASRock ATX FATAL1TY Z97 KILLER I recently decided to cut the cable-tv cord and try using various streaming services, including Youtube TV. When watching Youtube TV on my computer, it couldn't get HD to play and, after researching it, I lear
  11. That's the only 1150 i7 Microcenter is offering. When you say "you'll need a cooler," do you mean something more substantial than the Noctua small fan cooler I have? ( Noctua Low-Profile Quiet CPU Cooler for Intel 115x Based Retail Cooling NH-L9I )
  12. I've been using a modest first build for a little while and I'm trying to upgrade my CPU. I'd appreciate some guidance on which is the better option between the two Options identified below: Current build: Motherboard: ASRock H97M-ITX/AC Mini ITX LGA1150 CPU: Intel Core i3-4370 3.8GHz Dual-Core Processor GPU: Sapphire R9 285 OC Edition Memory: Crucial 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 PSU: Corsair CX 500W 80+ Bronze Certified Semi-Modular ATX SSD: Samsung 850 EVO-Series 120GB 2.5" HDD: Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM HDD: Weste
  13. All, as I mentioned in my OP about 1.5 years ago, I built my first PC with fairly entry level specs. To increase the snappiness of the computer--especially in light of my basic computing needs--everyone's unanimous recommendation was to get another 4GB of ram to make things feel a little zippier. It made a good difference. I'm getting an itch again, and I'm wanting more speed (within reason, i.e., keeping same case and probably same mobo). Yesterday, I was offloading pictures from a digital camera while simultaneously playing a locally stored 1080p video (offloaded from same cam
  14. I would highly recommend playing with the mouse some more. The fwd/back keys are very poorly placed (they are stacked diagonally on top of one another), and also placed back towards your wrist. This causes two issues: (1) hitting the desired key is more difficult because they are stacked on top of each other, and (2) you have to curl your thumb much further back to reach the keys. I'm also having issues with the side scroll. It's only about 60% responsive.