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  1. So apparently the thunderbolt dock does support refresh rates above 60? I would love to have a similar setup I just thought the dock was limited to 60, or is he using a long DP cable?
  2. I think he's asking for 4 machines with a total budget of $2500, not one machine at $2500. He said for a 4 player LAN with possible total capacity of 8.
  3. Far older than that. Probably around the 2005-2010 era. Well I think I found it. I'd forgotten Asus did this as well with the EEE Slate, but I think I'm thinking of the HP Slate/Slate 2. Anyways, just so cool that there is FINALLY a gaming version with the Asus' Mothership. Really, I'd like to see this form factor replace traditional laptops as I've always hated laptop keyboards.
  4. Oof, this is why I usually don't respond to tech support threads. Unfortunately I have no idea what "AAOEM" is. Never heard of it, sorry. Anyone else care to chime in?
  5. Did it come with a key? If it has the key you can just download an ISO from MS and it should recognize the key as OEM.
  6. I think it was maybe 5-10 years ago. Or more? Timeline is foggy in my head. ><
  7. So, the announcement of Asus Mothership laptop reminded me that I had wanted one of these ever since I saw this form factor. But I can't for the life of me remember what that device was called, but I think it was made by Dell or HP, but I can't remember. It was a little tablet, I think the screen size was 12" or so, and it might have been 1080p though again I'm not sure. Basically it was the same form factor as the Mothership, with hardware in the same box as the screen and separate keyboard, (actually there might not have been a keyboard) but no gaming hardware. At the time I wanted it to
  8. When you both edit your replies at the same time! Are we talking about the nuts that go on top? Or the missing ones that go between the plate and the top nuts? Just to clarify.
  9. Those four round items pictured there look like what's labeled K though, but I'll give CM support a call, thanks! That's good to know about their support, I've been extremely lucky in that I haven't had to deal with any tech support just yet. EDIT: It's extremely weird though that the unit in the video was lacking those items as well, which leads me to believe that maybe the manual is generalized for the 240 and 360 rads, whose instrucions were included in the manual I downloaded (guess I should have mentioned that).
  10. The manual is saying I need some cylinder looking things to go over the posts that are attached to the backplate, but there were no such cylinders. Additionally, the one video I did find of an unboxing, their box also did not come with those. Am I actually missing something here? Or do I not really need them? Hopefully the attached diagram helps. Thanks LC
  11. They might manufacture in China (because everyone does =\) but aren't they based in Taiwan, and have some manufacturing there as well? Also I see nowhere to delete?
  12. Rtings is your friend for technical reviews of TV's. Also, almost zero TV's actually have a 120hz refresh rate. The ONLY one I know of is that Viewsonic one Linus tested which isn't even available anymore, so we will have to wait for the BFGD's to come out for real 120hz panels on "TV's." Why does your wife care so much about those brands? If you're going cheap I'd go with this. I highly doubt she'll be able to tell the difference.
  13. Oops, I answered that in the rough draft and then edit it out. Yeah, I absolutely do NOT care about "gaming" nonsense. What I mean is I would rather have a headset from a reputable company like Asus or Corsair or Steelseries than some random Chinese brand like "Mpow" or whatever the hell Amazon has. I just don't trust them. I find it odd that I've seen these random brands pop up in recent years. So I know they're out there, I'd just prefer a name brand. Anyway, I wish I could delete threads. ><
  14. I mean from manufacturers like Asus, Corsair, etc. They're all still making traditional wired headsets or if they are wireless they're some kind of 2.4Ghz Wifi interface. Why haven't these guys caught on to Bluetooth? Is it because of the licensing fee? EDIT: Ok so I just found these.