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  1. For a start, the V30 has OIS on the main camera, which will make recording much better. The XZ3 is also almost a whole centimeter thick for having the same battery capacity as the V30. They are both pretty dated despite having a flagship chipset. 64GB of internal storage and 4GB of RAM. The V30 is stuck on Android 9 and the XZ3 is stuck on Android 10.
  2. Might want to look for excitement or new experience elsewhere. You dont have to be excited about phones. Especially when you have already expressed that you dont want to pay feature price for feature phone
  3. What u intend to do on the tablet?
  4. For 5G, gaming, or battery endurance, the 20. Otherwise, the 10+ Why? The 10+ has; 1440p60 screen 12GB RAM 256/512GB internal storage Storage expansion slot (dual SIM model) Glass back and aluminum frame The 20 has: 1080p60 screen 8GB RAM 128/256GB internal storage No storage expansion Plastic body 5G capability Higher peak performance SoC
  5. Lenovo recently released a new line of tablets. Maybe those will interest you. Otherwise the cheapest OLED tablet I can think off is the Samsung S5e. While it does not have front firing speakers, the quad speakers are still loud and clear. The screen is OLED 1600p at 16:10 ratio.
  6. Yes, if you manage to create a replacement that can store more charge in the same shape and size than what a multi billion dollar company managed to make for thier halo product
  7. I had a look through Amazon Mexico, and the 8T is indeed th best u can get for 12,800 peso
  8. Yes I'm using the X2HR as my primary headset. Sounds better than the SHP9500 with more tame treble, but is actually quite bassy. It has a V sound profile with recessed mids, which widens the soundstage and exposes details. Its not great for intimate vocals as opposed to something like the HD600 series. Build quality wise, its top notch. Will probably survive being used as a melee weapon. The pads are thicker and better, but will easily collect dust and lint over time. I use aftermarket Dekoni suede pads. Philips also made the X3 with further improved sound profile, but I would not
  9. I've never bought gaming headsets or those made by gaming oriented brands. What they make tend to lean in favor of sound detection and spatial awareness, instead of delivering sound 'quality' for music listening. To that end, I have use the SHP9500 before. The treble can get pretty harsh, and bass is rolled off. Otherwise it sounds pretty good. In terms of comfort, the pads are huge and soak up sweat easily. The clamping force is weak. Just so you know, the HyperX cloud alpha is closed back, while both SHP9500 and DT990 are open back. There are also multiple versions of
  10. To begin with, I dont use things like tiktok and snapchat. And if someone using an iPhone can't reach my Android phone through imessage or facetime, then its THEIR problem for using a service that is not platform agnostic. You can put this point through to the other party. And if they call themselves educated, they will never find a valid argument against you.
  11. Why do you need and do you actually need them?
  12. To get effective suggestions, we will need a link to the site(s) from which you intend to make the purchase. Price and availability of goods is NOT the same around the world I am not going to waste my time making repeated suggestions only to be told later that it costs too much or is not available.
  13. I can't look into the future to see if apps will become much more ram hungry. 6GB is more than sufficient for now, unless you want the smoothest performance when juggling multiple apps.