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  1. But Google sucks because they... Dont require web apps to use a laggard webkit Dont kick an app off the store when payment is made off platform Dont restrict app distribution to within its own store Dont make blanket claims that web apps are an easy substitute to proper apps Dont go off on a tangent when they dont want to address the main point of contention I dont like Google
  2. "Yes we are ok with devs using web based solution when they don't have access through our app store" "Yes our support for web apps is so good, it can substitute a complete game app /s" *Kicks game off store when people pay through web store
  3. Which speaks nothing about your opinion of your current phone, and is not helpful in determining the best course of action
  4. Consider the Galaxy Book Pro360 (13.3") Very light and slim 2-in-1 OLED touchscreen Full size S pen included Intel i5 or i7 processor, Windows NVME SSD USB C Thunderbolt Microsd reader Nano sim, 5G support
  5. Neither Galaxy Book Pro360 (13.3") Extremely light and slim 2-in-1 Intel machine with OLED display, accurate S pen input directly into Windows. Nano SIM slot. S pen included.
  6. Depends what you want in a phone and how much u willing to spend if u don't get the A70. And where you getting it from would also dictate your options. Think about your Note 7, what you liked and disliked about it. What features you want to keep and what you want changed or improved. Keep in mind the Note 7 was a flagship device and the A70 is only a mid-range phone.
  7. Provide link to seller if you want a more definitive answer
  8. Everything will be too simplistic unless you can tell us what amounts to not being simplistic Personally I've been using Brave browser and adblocking is handled by Adaway and adblocking DNS
  9. Don't know what kind of response you were expecting to get if you just hand out a blank cheque to a pro-consumerism community. What are you looking to gain from this expenditure? Or are you already set on a purchase and are open to iPhones as an option? Are you dissatisfied with the phone you currently have? How so? Can you ensure that your qualms will be addressed in a measurable way, by what the respondents are suggesting to you?
  10. Please provide link to the site(s) where you intend to make the purchase.
  11. I have an S5ee too, but running a custom rom Afaik the stock Android 10 rom is known to have bad battery life
  12. Ideally the unlocked 5600X As long as it dont cost more than the 3700X which has 2 more cores
  13. For the Sony phones, there is also the Xperia 5 II (existing) and Xperia 5 III (announced with the 1 III) These are similar to the 1 series, but instead have a 1080p screen (still 120Hz) and lose wireless charging For your consideration I have no idea about Verizon support for Sony phones either. This is for you to verify