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  1. Ever wanted a passive LDAC capable bluetooth audio transmitter or receiver? I know I do... for the past few years It is now a reality and you can buy it... the FiiO BTA30 Functions: Bluetooth receiver over LDAC, aptX HD, aptX LL, AAC, aptX, SBC Bluetooth transmitter over LDAC, aptx HD, aptx LL, SBC DAC (AK4490) for wired or wireless source Volume knob control in RX and/or DAC mode (preamp volume control) Physical inputs over USB, optical, coax Physical output over optical, coax, RCA Power from USB-C port (dou
  2. For all you NA people looking for a nice and affordable (relatively) 5G capable phone. Not made of chinesium New Exynos 980 chipset (performance on par or better than SD765 without heat/throtting) 6GB RAM, 128GB internal storage UFS2.1 Single sim with dedicated microsd slot 1080p OLED screen Headphone jack 4,500mAh battery Unlocked and works on all US networks except Verizon. No contract Brand new with warranty. https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-Factory-Unlocked-Storage-Compatible/dp/B08DHPBD4H/?th=1 Please do not confuse th
  3. For all you chinaphobes out there looking for an unlocked SD865 phone SM-G781U1 Snapdragon 865 chipset 6GB RAM, 128GB internal storage UFS3.1 Dual sim, 2nd sim slot doubles as microsd expansion 1080p 120Hz OLED screen OIS on main shooter, OIS and optical zoom on telephoto. Dedicated ultrawide cam. Stereo speakers. No headphone jack IP68 Plastic back, aluminium frame 4,500mAh battery USB PD 3.0, 25W wired charging. Charger included 15W wireless charging. Reverse wireless charging Unlocked and works on all US n
  4. If you liked it then just get the latest new iphone that is under $1000?
  5. Pixel 4a I guess It'd be nice if people could adhere to the budget they have set themselves. Else I dont see the point of mentioning it at all.
  6. So I can go around in a car and do network penetration from all the free WiFi? Sounds good to me
  7. Yes that last photo on F/16 is akin to what she is looking for. I understand this would cripple the amount of light capture. Would it also be achievable with optical zoom? or would that only make the focus even shallower?
  8. Thanks finally an answer with substance. I'll let my sister know I really, really do not like giving people solutions that are not definitive. I am not about to waste a family member's time or money.
  9. You really shouldnt pick phones based on the processor. It is a big factor yes, but speaks nothing of the rest of the phone. You are buying what is essentially a complete system. It would be more practical to compare phones as such. Something with an SD855 or better then... Then you will want ample amounts of RAM to avoid a choppy scrolling experience But completely pointless if you dont have an accompanying Wifi 6/AX router Doesnt matter. You are in Malaysia. One of the many sane countries that only use GSM networks Lo
  10. You mean you have a phone that takes close up shots without having the background blurred out?
  11. Any reason for picking the Pixel 4XL and S20 FE in particular? Which one is better, would depend on your preference of what you want in a phone. Also think of what you liked/disliked about your A70.
  12. In this case I'd like to know what camera app/phone combo they have used, is capable of doing what my sister wants. I'd like evidence or a guaranteed solution if possible.
  13. There does not seem to be a setting she can change to get rid off the blurr... Anyone know of a camera app that hs option to get rid of autofocus/bokeh?
  14. My sister has a habit of taking pictures of food and small items while outside. She uses her phone camera. However she has one major complaint - she does not want any blur in the photo (she wants everything including the background to be sharp), and cant find a way to take full sharp pictures of close up shots. I'm no good with cameras and couldnt care less about the camera on my own phone. So I gotta ask, what can she do to get full sharp photos like the ones she find on the internet. The phone she using now is an Oppo Reno Z. If the solution requires her to buy somethin