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    Karnataka, India
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    Intel Xeon E5-2620 2.0GHz
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    ASRock Extreme 9 LGA 2011
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    4X8GB Corsair Vengeance 1600MHz
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    Nvidia Quadro K4000 3GB GDDR5
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    Cooler Master Cosmos II
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    Seagate 2 TB
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    Cooler Master Silent Pro Hybrid 1050W
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    Dell Ultrasharp U2412M
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    Corsair H80i AIO
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    Ducky Shine 3
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    Intex Mouse (Going to change to a Logitech G502 soon)
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    Edifier 2.1 Sound System with it's own Amp
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    Windows 7 Professional 64Bit

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  1. Looks like I had seen the wrong numbers and panicked. The fans are working fine. Under full load it shows 71 degrees. I'm such an idiot! Thanks a ton for your help. Sorry for wasting your time
  2. It was working all along. I had just seen the wrong numbers and panicked! I'm such an idiot. It runs at 71 degrees max under full load. Sorry for wasting your time! Sorry. Thanks a ton for all your help
  3. Ok. Yes I'm assuming that the fans are not working for some reason. Will check it and get back to you guys. No I can get parts here, but the RMA process is painful and takes way way too long. So I want to be sure I can fix it before I send it for RMA Thanks for helping out!
  4. Thanks man. Will post back later on. Thanks
  5. No I don't think it's a GPU issue. Idle temps are 40-45. I'll try the fan curves and see if things work out. I think the fans are not operating for some reason. Will do a through check before sending it back. I live in India. RMA is an absolute pain. I'll check and see tonight and figure out the root cause and then take a call. I think the fans aren't spinning. Thanks a ton. Will update in the evening after my office gets over.
  6. I'm using an NZXT Phantom 530, no blockage of any kind. Removed all the drive cages except 1. It's clear.
  7. No I haven't, should I? Is it necessary? Doesn't the app do it on its own?
  8. Hey guys, recently bought an MSI GTX 980Ti Gaming 6G card and it seems to reach 98 degrees Celsius when playing GTA V maxed out with 4X MSAA. I used the MSI gaming app to put it in OC mode. Ambient temperature was 23 degree Celsius Do I have to click on the fan button as well to make it Cooler. Sorry if I'm not clear on it. I'll be posting screen shots later on in the day. Until then can someone explain me how to use the app properly and not have my card explode! Edit- 1080p resolution
  9. I suggest you figure out what you will primarily be using the GPU for. If it's going to be a workstation for work most of the time then a Quadro will be perfect for it(compute tasks, VFX, Animation, Editing etc) and gaming is a just a casual hobby for in between breaks or an hour or two a day, it won't matter. If you will be gaming most of the time and doing work related stuff less on your system buy a decent geforce card. Quadro only for work! Geforce for gaming! Also if you don't really require the ECC memory, 10bit color etc a geforce will still be quite awesome at VFX, Animation, editing
  10. I'm currently using a Quadro K4000, its absolutely amazing as a workstation GPU, extremely reliable, can take the brunt of it and is overall fantastic for rendering, compute tasks, VFX, editing, animation etc... Gaming, you can play pretty much all games at high/very high settings at 1080p, no AA with about 35-45 FPS. But I paid a boat load of money for that card for my workstation. You can buy a cheaper "gaming" geforce card and it'll demolish the Quadro for gaming. As a side hobby gaming with a decent Quadro will be fine. Just fine.
  11. Hey guys, I checked out the reviews for the NZXT H440, but seems to starve your air supply. I live in India and the summers can get quite hot. So I wanna make sure that there is as much air flow as possible. I'm thinking of going for the Corsair 750D itself. I can't get the Phanteks brand here. Also too expensive to import. If there are better solutions in Cooler Master please let me know. Also for the PSU, I can't buy the Corsair AX860i, its too expensive here. I'll try finding it for cheaper rates. Also is the Seasonic X850, Cooler Master V850 not worth the money/bad. I checked out reviews
  12. Thanks for the recommendations and suggestions guys, really appreciate it. If you guys have any more suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Thanks a lot I want to keep the quadro but I have to sell my current desktop to be able to afford the new upgrades. Unfortunate circumstances. Thanks for the suggestion
  14. I'm a little concerned with VFX stuff though. I currently have a Quadro, its great for that but terrible at gaming as expected. Hence the 980Ti but if its gonna limit it I don't know what to do. I can't afford a Titan X. Was hoping to get your guys opinion on the VFX capabilities. I use After Effects, Blender, a little bit of 3DS Max, Fume FX.