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  1. I don't draw the line. I snort it, meaning Im good with tech evolving and following along and embracing it. I don't have alexa and google home right now cause I don't see what I would do with it. I don't have VR cause I find it a bit too expensive right now, etc. Im hoping to see cyber implants before I die. I wish I could replace a few broken pieces right now but its not here
  2. People shouldn't get involved in a thread on a forum if they don't want to talk about it. You can skip a thread, no one asks you to write in it if you don't like it. You have no right to censor those who want to talk about something if its not against the rules of the forum. That being said, afaik, no law entity made any statement and no real conclusion happened. I wish people reported accusations to the right outlets. Its sickening that you can blast your problems to the void that is the Internet and cause harm in either direction without due process.
  3. Try to sell it for X price. If someone wants it too fast, says its already sold and relist higher if the service you use is free. Otherwise yeah, Ebay or what was suggested already. I personnaly use private ish groups on facebook to deal with rare magic cards for exemple. Its finding a worthy group that can be hard.
  4. Im fine with my subscriptions. I have amazon, spotify, and cancelled netflix recently. I don't understand how people can get millions of them and forget. Its on the summary of your card every month. I guess Im in the minority for having 1 credit card only and looking at the summary? Crying over it like the author says seems a bit much.
  5. That was short and sweet. I liked that video. Ill probably use it in the future.
  6. All in inches. My ideal would be 72 wide and 30 deep.
  7. Welcome to life. People are assholes when they can get away with it. You have to grow up and deal with it. Its unfortunate but the Internet hasn't changed much on that front in 30 years. Its the far west, better to ignore it cause you won't be able to change their mind if you try to interact with them and reporting is not going to satisfy you at all cause you probably won't see the result of it. So its basically time wasted.
  8. You can't know. Look at the sale when it shows up. That's it. If you can't wait, then buy the thing.
  9. I also think that going custom, when you have no idea what you want, is not the best idea. Custom implies that you know what you want. You need to have tried something beforehand. Sure you can try custom to learn your preferences but unless the guy is super cheap, you might pay too much for something you might not like in the end.
  10. Desk space is super personnal. I personnaly can't stand any table that isn't at least 30 inches deep. I like to have my arms on my table. I also have a 60 inches table at home but I would love to upgrade to 72. I just don't have the space right now or I need to reorganize the whole living room which is hard for me for personnal reasons. You also have to think if you like a keyboard tray or not (I dislike those). You need to shop around and sit in front of some desk and try to visualize if you will have enough space for the X amount of monitors you are going to use and i
  11. Its a problem if the inconsistency is common enough because this targets people who don't know much about computers and they might not realize they paid too much for what they got (pay for gtx1080 and receive the 1070) but its good to make it easier on people to get their feet in the door cause Walmart is definitely more known by the common folk then iBuyPower or whatever other company that does all in one.
  12. It is for everything now. I gave up a long time ago trying to stop that. When you buy something at a store, those companies get informations too. Information is the most valuable currency since the 80s maybe because of computers that are capable of stocking one phone number to every detail of a person and for a lot of people.
  13. Sure Bravado can be a thing for some people who have no self control. Like any kid in highschool who will chug alcohol to do like the other he thinks are cool. It just realy realy realy irks me when people start blaming the hobby or the vehicle of the problem instead of the person doing it. Because once that kind of thinking takes off, you start regulating and limiting/punishing those who aren't idiots. If he did feel sick/not good ... then I mean ... do you realy need a babysitter to tell you to go to sleep/eat? Its realy sad that it happened
  14. Pretty sure it is not just the haters that are the problem. Fanboys are as bad when they lose their mind in front of any celebrity.