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  1. it shows up fine on my end... I think I messed something up though.
  2. I also have a story of my own. A while ago my bro had just gotten a brand new iPhone 4, and while he was at a party at a friend's apartment he lent it to a friend to check Facebook. He than proceeded to drop the phone from the balcony at a height of about 100 feet. needless to say it was 100% dead, but miraculously neither the screen or the glass back shattered in the impact, but the phone itself was bent in half. The friend wanted to "fix" it, which was next to impossible. My bro's boss ended up getting him an even newer iPhone 4S after he told him the story. It was very nice of him.
  3. if that ever happens to any of you, you can carefully clean your components with soap and water and maybe a soft brush after removing the CMOS battery and all heatsinks with thermal pads. if you rinse it very well and dry it completely it'll all be as good as new as long as you don't damage the thermal pads.
  4. Just set up F@H on my PC again. Since most games don't even support multi GPU I set up my second 1070 exclusively for folding.
  5. No, I updated because Radeon software told me there was an update available.
  6. I recently bought a RX 580 and installed the 18.12.3 which gave me no trouble. For the past few days the software has been pestering me to update to a newer version, so I did and then I couldn’t get past the login screen without getting a BSoD. I had to use DDU in safe mode to uninstall this driver and install the older one so that my machine could work. This is the first time I buy an AMD card but if this kind of bull is common, it might be the last.
  7. Yeah it’s the same aspect ratio as previous iPads, it just looks weird because new 11” iPad Pro is a bit shorter and a bit wider than last year’s 10.7” iPad Pro.
  8. I don’t like the MacBook Air one bit since it’s basically a MacBook Pro with an anemic CPU. The Mac Mini looks promising, but it can get REALLY expensive if you max out the SSD and RAM, at least it looks like RAM is user replaceable. The most exiting thing here are the new iPads, which are probably more powerful than the 13” MacBook Pros. But Apple has to be Apple and knocked off the headphone jack. Alas, as much as I like it I already have a really good iPad Pro, so I’m skipping this one.
  9. the was thing is that LMG NEEDS Linus to be a shill for it to work the way it does. YouTube Adsense and Floatplane are a very small portion of their income. Most of their money comes from sponsors, which not only give them loads of money, but also free stuff, from bags of beef jerky to $10,000 USD CPUs. If they want to keep the money coming in to pay for everything they do, they will do their best efforts to keep these sponsors happy (specially the big wads of cash like Intel and Nvidia).
  10. I thought it was that Google had blocked my VPN’s server like Crunchyroll, but it turns out it’s a worldwide problem...
  11. I buy iPhones because Android is absolute and complete GARBAGE, and Windows Phone is dead. Not to say that iPhone’s are free of criticism. Edit: I own an iPhone 8 which has served me well for this past year, and I don’t plan on replacing it anytime soon.
  12. I used to work at the IT department at our family business. We had about 50 POS machines all over the country (Mexico), most of them running on REALLY old hardware (most of them were Pentium 4 in 2015), so I was tasked to keep them all in working order since they were all mission critical. This one time one of the stores called me because they needed help with a machine a third party technitian had repaired before I was given the job. To put it simply, whoever tried to “repair” the old low profile Compaq was an idiot. It originally had a broken PSU (a proprietary one that is no longer made),
  13. I think they shouldn’t even give him a pebble. The dude could have gotten the royalties CDPR offered him from the beginning but no, games are a trash story telling medium that wouldn’t make him an money, so he settled for about $10k. He signed the contract and got paid the amount both parties agreed to, there’s no room for discussion.
  14. I use the dark theme because it uses less battery on my mobile devices, also because I usually check the LTT forums at night..
  15. I’m not loyal to any brand. I always go for the product that offers the features I want for at a price I can afford. I do have favourite brands though. I like Gigabyte motherboards and graphics cards but I’ve bought Asrock and Asus motherboards and PNY, XFX, Asus and MSI graphics cards, I like pretty much everything Corsair makes, but I’ve bought stuff from Razer, HyperX, DeepCool, Logitech, Coolermaster, Thermaltake, Sasonic, Noctua, Silverstone, Arctic, etc. I like iPhones and MacBooks, but I’ve also bought Motorola, Nokia, Sony and LG phones and HP, Toshiba, MSI and Dell laptops (obviously
  16. I wouldn’t recommend an Android tablet since most apps don’t scale that well on bigger displays. If you’re using it to take notes in school I’d recommend getting an iPad and an Apple Pencil or a Microsoft Surface Go and a compatible active pen. Get one of these two and put Microsoft One Note (the best software for note taking IMO) in it and you’ll be ready to go.
  17. There’s two things that bothered me about this video. The first one is that they said that ONLY x470 boards get StoreMI, which is a lie since x399 and b450 also have access to it. And the second one is that they Installed Windows in the Optane drive and then used storeMI, when Windows should have been installed in the hard drive. I think that Linus and co are more interested in making memes and cancer thumbnails than accurate content, specially when channels like Level1techs, Gamers Nexus and Hardware Unboxed do a much better job at these kind of things with a WAY smaller budget.
  18. You should just get a new GPU. Since the one you have is more than fine for 1080 and I’m sure you can dabble in 1440p if you lower your settings a bit, I suggest you wait and you’ll be able to afford something better. Although, the motherboard and PSU are utter CRAP, so getting a whole new system doesn’t sound too crazy, specially now before the new PUs come out and you can sell it for a bit more money... The PSU OP currently has is a cheap Chinese piece of scrap, so it is a good ide to swap it out before getting more power hungry hardware.
  19. Well, opening a PSU without knowledge of how it works is a very bad idea, but doing so WHILE ITS PLUGGED IN... I guess common sense is not so common after all... Consider this: would you try to fix a blender or a coffee machine that is still plugged into the mains? Same goes for computers, specially the PSU.
  20. YES, but only for the first couple of days after you go to an appointment. The thing is that it hurts so bad tha you won’t be able to eat anything that takes effort to chew or bite.
  21. I was excited that Apple had finally updated their MacBook Pros so I could upgrade my old MacBook Air that is literally slower than my phone. But they only upgraded the most expensive 13" to a quad core and the 15" models throttle so hard that they are slower than the old ones. Maybe it's time I bought a Windows laptop for the first time in ten years...
  22. I built my first PC in November of 2014 for my birthday. CPU: Pentium G3258 (box cooler) Mobo: Gigabyte GA Z97MX Gaming 5 RAM: 2x4GB HyperX Rury @ 1600mhz Storage: 320GB OLD Hitachi 2.5” HDD (scavenged from a dead laptop) VGA: Gigabyte Windforce GTX 970 PSU: Corsair RM750 Case: Corsair Spec 02 I’ve upgraded it constantly over the years and now it’s almost a completely different machine. In chronological order I added these components: a 120 GB Samsung 840 Evo, a 1TB WD Black a Corsair h80i, an i7 4790k, two more sticks of HyperX Fury, a 2TB WD Gr
  23. They are so cool that my university blocks access to and from their servers. School regulations do mention that the use of VPNs is prohibited, but the late Opera VPN worked fine, maybe because it was hosted in servers that were also used for other Opera services, so blocking it might have made the Oper web browser useless.
  24. My PC at work: Pentium E8200, 4GB DDR2, and integrated graphics running 32 bit Windows 7. It is a PC I built by scavenging many others that where destined to the landfill. It has a big ol’ Intel stock heat sink from when they where decently sized and had copper slugs in the middle.