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  1. thanks for the quick response, will probably go for that viewsonic
  2. Hello guys, i'm looking for a new monitor and i'm way too lazy to do my own research and don't really know where to do my research n such.. :> My current monitor (Asus - ROG Swift PG278Q) one of the first 1440p/144hz monitors afaik from way back then started flickering on everything over 60 fps/hz recently and it's really annoying and i doubt it's healthy to my eyes either, so i'm looking for something with the same form factor. The only real criterias are the same 100x100 vesa mount and same size as my current asus monitor. Also it should be available on amazon.DE or
  3. I tried to max settings out and it doesn help.. cpu load is still at 30-40 most of the time, it sometimes peaks to close to 50% but i still get shitty sub 50 fps.. I tried turning v-sync and g-sync off/on but it doesn't make any difference either way
  4. running the game in borderless windowed because i usually tab out a lot and have stuff going on on my second monitor.. will try to turn graphics settings up and give it a shot thanks for the tipp
  5. Hi! so i'm rocking a i7 4790k since a few years now and i think it's still perfectly fine for the stuff i do with it... i also got a The crazy overbuilt version of zotac's gtx 1080 and it's been doing great i guess..? also got 16gb ram which never fills up more than 50% (with a ton of chrome tabs open and a game running.. However i got a huge problem.. If i run warframe for example on 1440p on medium settings, my cpu sits at about 50% load max and the gpu at less than 40, sometimes less than 30% load and i get trashy 40-50 fps How come my cpu/gpu don't want to work
  6. allready solved it thanks anyways
  7. Hello fellows, i need to jailbreak an iPhone 6 anyone csn help me?
  8. Hello Fellows I want to upgrade my monitor to a 1440p 120/144hz monitor and i can get a BenQ XL2730Z for a bit cheaper than a Asus ROG Swift. so my question is: Will the BenQ XL2730Z work with a 980ti with the displayport on the full 144hz on 1440p even with this Freesync stuff on it?
  9. NEVER MIND GUYS after some time searching for "games like portal with paint" i finally found it if you are interested the game is called TAG: The Power of Paint offical Web-page: http://games.digipen.edu/downloads/Tag_Setup?id=1170&proj=1506#.VWpI1s_tlBd
  10. Yes i know.. but the game i am looking for was released i think a year or so before portal 2
  11. Hello guys, i have been playing an free single player adventure game a while ago but nevr finished it.. you had to colour the walls or the floor and depending on the colour the flore made you run faster or made you bounce of it.. just like the gel in portal 2 but in the hole game.. i realy would like to replay or better said finish this game. can anyone help me with the name of it or even better an download link? thanks and have a nice day
  12. Hello fellows... a firend of mine is goin to upgrade is PC and he has no clue of all of this stuff . and he realy wants to go 2k/1440p gaming. I am goin to build this pc and get all of this stuff and i shall choose moste of the parts... my question is: whitch GPU is the best one for 1440p gaming and should he wait with all of this stuff till the new AMD cards come out? EDIT: he wants to spend about 400-500 buck in the gpu
  13. i would build up a media pc for my dad with this nuc
  14. got a AMD 8350 on a MSI 990FXA-GD80 mainboard and thanks for this realy fast help.. i think i will go with the gigabyte 970
  15. i got a total overkill psu with 1500watts yeah the cheapest 290 that i can get is on 330