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  1. piss off, calling out worthless commentary on inconclusive benchmarks doesn't imply fanboying I don't give a shit about what phone you like. I don't like either of the companies and people can spend their money as they wish.
  2. two sets of processing nodes, low load and smaller lighter tasks uses the weaker cluster and keeps the larger 4c off. 4 small 4 big. I don't get why we're comparing the single core of a dual core and a single core of a 4 core (8 total, typically 4 measured) and the term "obliterates" is clearly arbitrary
  3. these benchmarks are kind of shit a dual core processor intended for a similar application versus a 4c+4c processor has comparable multicore speed but the dual core proc has higher single core speed super interesting
  4. Why overclock a 980SLI for 1080p? Extra heat, extra stress, almost no gain might as well underclock them for the majority of games your temps are fine
  5. he's in canada and if you do anything that matters, you can buy a cheap screwdriver 5 times for every time it breaks or buy a single snap-on and abuse the hell out of it and get it replaced the one off time you break it. they're a good investment outside of building a PC only
  6. just move to another country not that hard
  7. everyone biting your shitposts
  8. ITT: Everyone oblivious as fuck
  9. there's a reason nobody recommends Asus anymore
  10. put the parts back inside of it and give it to an electronics recycler
  11. are you pretending to be dumb, or are you just plain dumb?