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    Darkfeign got a reaction from pwnage630 in Java programming   
    Maybe you missed the Ultimate Programming Resources thread, where we've compiled a list of pretty much every well-known resource separated for different languages and interests etc.
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    Darkfeign got a reaction from Evolas in What's it like working as a Software Engineer?   
    I can't offer any personal experience as I'm a postgraduate student, but I thought i'd provide a little insight from my experience at uni along with the experience of previous friends who now work as software engineers.
    You're right in being a little cautious in expecting a software engineering role to mimic univeristy. Most of our projects were individual, but in second year we had two large projects to do. One in python (where a couple people took over programming and the other team members focused on design/user interface etc.). The second was in Java and did require a fair amount of communication across the team but I still feel like, at that stage, you're more likely to wing it and implement parts that you can and have a person or two at the centre to bring all the components together properly. This is certainly not how it works as a software engineer.
    From what I understand from friends who have since left university and are employed at some pretty well known software companies (BT for one), pretty much everything you do is part of a team in some aspect. When you're working on larger systems, project managers will have input as to the expected design of the system, where the interfaces are all pretty much decided and so when your team begins development, while you may be given a section of the system to implement, you are still expected to communicate with your team to ensure your part of the system has been thoroughly tested and most importantly, decent consideration has been spent on the interface to ensure its compatibility with the other parts of the system.
    This obviously changes depending on the size of the project/organisation but you will be programming to specifications of the expected system, and when you feel this needs to change you will be discussing a lot with other members of the team to decide on the process/what to modify in the design etc. and will inevitably have people explore and research your code for various reasons to understand your methods and its functionality.
    I'm not sure this is particularly helpful as I can't give you an insight into the typical day of a software engineer but you're going to be a part of a team for sure, whether taking on your own tasks, or undergoing 'paired programming' and other software dev. paradigms depends much upon the organisation itself I guess. If you really enjoy programming, then find a job/environment that suits you best and while it may not always be exactly what you want to do, I'd suggest continuing to develop your interests outside of work (personal projects, open source projects etc.) to lead you to what you really want to achieve in a job.
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    Darkfeign reacted to ONOTech in Which programming language should I learn?   
    If you started with C++ I recommend sticking with it. The art of programming isn't about how many languages you know, it's how useful you are with each. Spend time on one, and instead of learning the language, learn the mechanics, taker a deeper dive into the language. Most developers would like someone who really understands two languages (like REALLY understands them), than someone who can merely code four.
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    Darkfeign reacted to MikeD in c++ int in grid and switch?   
    Global variables are initialized by the compiler and they exist in a certain section of the executable (simplification). Hence, you can only initialize the variables whose lengths are known.
    If what you are trying to do was possible, with which size would the matrix be initialized? 10? And then when length changed, what would happen?
    So, the only way to initialize such matrix is during runtime, in the heap or in the stack.
    Since the stack is not designed to hold big objects and the matrix is supposed to be global, it is not a good idea to allocate it there.
    Heap method:
    You declare the array as
    int **grid;
    and then, after knowing the size you want, you have two options: malloc or new.
    Since you are using C++, let us take advantage of new:
    grid = new int*[length];
    foreach i < length
      grid = new int[length];
    And now you can initialize and access the matrix with grid[x][y].
    When allocating in the heap do not forget to delete (or free, if you used malloc) the memory to prevent memory leaks.
    My version (I use linux, so I eliminated the getch at the end):
    #include <iostream>using namespace std; int difficulty;int length = 10;int **grid;int main() { cout<<"Choose a difficulty."<<endl; cout<<"1. Easy [10x10]"<<endl; cout<<"2. Medium [15x15]"<<endl; cout<<"3. Hard [20x20]"<<endl; cin>> difficulty; switch (difficulty) { case 1: length = 10; break; case 2: length = 15; break; case 3: length = 20; break; default: length = 10; break; } cout<<length<<endl; grid = new int*[length]; for(int i = 0; i < length; i++) grid[i] = new int[length]; grid[0][length-1] = 5; for(int i = 0; i < length; i++) delete grid[i]; delete grid; return 0;}
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    Darkfeign reacted to Nallown in What language should I choose?   
    Python can also be used for server side programming and most python methods can pretty much be executed with a GET requested
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    Darkfeign got a reaction from Reuben in What Linux distribution do you suggest for daily use?   
    For similar to OSX, I can't entirely help, though Ubuntu is probably it for the dock and 'app store' of sorts.
    I have become very fond of Linux Mint and while also not perfect, it provides me with a very nice traditional desktop environment to work in, with all the available software that Ubuntu provides so that would be my suggestion, but to each their own.
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    Darkfeign reacted to Evolas in Programming at School   
    Come up with a small project that the students in your club think they can accomplish after a particular date.  Use time at school to work on it together and brainstorm, while you practice and learn the languages/concepts at home using online resources and/or books. 
    Of course, this requires a lot of perseverance and dedication since you and your classmates will have to work on this outside of school, but that's what you have to do if you don't have a proper teacher. 
    I think that creating a simple website using HTML and CSS is a good starting point if you would like to start with something easy.  Work your way up from there.
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    Darkfeign reacted to Jeroen1322 in Is this true?   
    That is a really good argument actiually! I'll tell him! 
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    Darkfeign reacted to alpenwasser in Best first language   
    O'Reilly is the publisher of those (see bottom left of the cover ).
    And yes, although not all of their books are phenomenal, they have a
    pretty good batting average, and some of their works can definitely
    be considered must-reads.

    It's still very much used, and will be for many years (as is C itself).
    Especially when it comes to high-performance software (CAD, game engines,
    OS components), C++ will be very prevalent for years to come (or C,
    depending on the project).
    However, the "everything-must-be-object-oriented" fad from the 90's has
    indeed died down somewhat from what I can tell, and with computers being
    as fast as they are today and programmer time being as expensive as it is,
    languages which are maybe not quite as fast but much easier to work with
    are pushing into some of C/C++'s domains (Python, Ruby, Perl, Java, and
    in the coming years probably also some more unusual stuff like D, Haskell
    or maybe even Lisp and languages related to it).
    As for the OP's question: I've never worked with C#, but it's probably
    not a too bad place to start. It is, however, Windows dependant, and
    although most desktop systems use Windows, there are many programming
    projects which rely on other platforms. Just something to keep in mind.
    But in general which language you learn first doesn't really matter
    all that much IME. Once you've learnt one, it's not that difficult
    to learn others, at least as long as they're somewhat similar in
    how they function (it might be a bit trickier going from C to functional
    programming with, say, Haskell, but that's less about the language
    and more about the programming paradigm).
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    Darkfeign got a reaction from Barrot in [New To Python] Python IDLE Error [Ver. 3.3.3]   
    You're running Python version 3.*, so you need to use print() as a function:
    print('Hello World')>>> Hello Worldprint 'Hello World'>>> SyntaxError: invalid syntax
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    Darkfeign reacted to viper1979 in 30Gb ssd + HDD   
    If I had to choose, I'd put in a 128Gb drive. The performance increase alone would be amazing.  This way you can install a couple of games along with your OS and don't have to bother with HDD.  Pick up a Plextor M5P Xtreme 128Gb. You can get on for about $110. Great deal. Also comes with a 5 year warranty and has amazing performance like the Samsung Pro's
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    Darkfeign got a reaction from montyrule in 30Gb ssd + HDD   
    This advice is incorrect. Sure, the bare minimum for an OS SSD and a storage drive would sit around 120GB+, but for caching your 2TB HDD, a 30GB SSD would be fine, and you will see some definite improvements as I see major benefits with a 64GB cache SSD - games load super fast and general functionality in windows is snappy and responsive.
    I would definitely recommend a cache SSD if you don't want to manage moving things to and from your SSD.
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    Darkfeign reacted to MrSuperb in Mac osx compatible html editors   
    Well, you know that is an advantage for OS X. You don't really need an installer that messes up your non existing registry.
    just put the .app on an USB stick and launch it.
    You should format the USB Stick as ExFAT, then you can read/write from both windows and OS X
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    Darkfeign got a reaction from WanderingFool in I Need pseudo code help   
    Because when you're designing algorithms later on, it helps to represent it in pseudocode for those looking at your papers that may not understand certain languages.
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    Darkfeign reacted to MrPete1985 in You know Samsung has too much money when..   
    At least they didn't hire will i am
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    Darkfeign reacted to FunkStar in Creating Bootable Windows 7 Install Flash Drive   
    There are a few ways:
    @SSOB has the microsoft kb
    This one works too:
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    Darkfeign reacted to wtfxmitchell in Looking for a new phone for christmas (not iPhone)   
    xperia z (z1)
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    Darkfeign reacted to TeKNiQue in DVD Ripping software   
    MakeMKV is the best one. It doesn't compress the video and audio, so you get an exact copy of what's on the disc. http://makemkv.com/
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    Darkfeign reacted to fizzlesticks in best language to start with   
    Python -> Java/C# -> C++
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    Darkfeign reacted to TheSLSAMG in Best air cooler?   
    Dark Rock Pro 2
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    Darkfeign reacted to Shrubpig in Best Looking CPU Air Cooler!   
    Dark rock pro 2.
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    Darkfeign reacted to WunderWuffle in Best Looking CPU Air Cooler!   
    Darkrock Pro 2 looks very nice Imo
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    Darkfeign reacted to M-ursu in App for Linus ?   
    So unnesary.
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    Darkfeign reacted to Ssoele in login system - database ?   
    Try WAMP, it's a complete solution with everything build in.
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    Darkfeign reacted to fizzlesticks in AJAX Usage Question(s)   
    The php script can't magically figure out what function you want to call. The best way I can think of doing it is putting all your functions in 1 file and use a simple GET parameter like "derp.php?f=10" then in the php file have all your functions and at the end put a switch statement that translates the number in 'f' to a function (I wouldn't put the actual function names in the url).