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    stconquest got a reaction from Javin in Gaming, fallout 4   
    You can try something like this, but it won't be enough for a good Fallout 4 experience. 
    What I recommend is playing Fallout New Vegas until you can get an i5/i7.  I never played Fallout before, but I have played a lot of the Elder Scrolls games.  Instead of Fallout 4, I decided to start with an earlier version.  New Vegas is a great game.  It may be five years old, but it looks great.
    Anyways, if the video card is too big it you can cut the case to make it fit.  Make sure you ask an adult for help.  You would want to remove all the components before you work on the case.
    ...or you can save your money and build a complete system.
    PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant
    Memory: Mushkin ECO2 4GB (1 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 Memory  ($16.99 @ Newegg)
    Video Card: PowerColor Radeon R9 380 4GB PCS+ Video Card  ($183.98 @ Newegg)
    Power Supply: SeaSonic S12II 520W 80+ Bronze Certified ATX Power Supply  ($50.99 @ SuperBiiz)
    Total: $251.96
    Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available
    Generated by PCPartPicker 2016-01-18 12:40 EST-0500
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    stconquest got a reaction from astrokitten2385 in R9 390X crossfire with RX 480?   
    Why?  You will be getting very similar performance.
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    stconquest got a reaction from xHadrian in Why dual loops? Water cooling.   
    You can also switch out a single component without disturbing the other.
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    stconquest got a reaction from UkraineGame in RYZEN Vs Intel for streaming and 1080p 60fps gaming   
    The i5 for just streaming is fine, but gaming and streaming might not be so fine.  I have not tried "ReLive" streaming, but I would assume it would have some perfomance taken away from the GPU as it is based on using the GPU to record and stream.  For $100 more, the i7 or Ryzen 1700 is a good investment for your purpose.
    I am limited to 720p/30PFS streaming when playing Minecraft and streaming to YouTube.  I encode on the CPU though.  So that's:  The game (Minecraft), the encoding, and the viewing of the stream on a second monitor all on the CPU.
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    stconquest got a reaction from Buddelbox in What is star citizen   
    I got it free with my GPU... I still have not installed it to try it out.  I would like it, but it is not done so I wait.
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    stconquest got a reaction from 23ek1jelkejd10dsslk14 in What is star citizen   
    Space sim + first person shooter + economy sim + IDK what else.
    It is still in development.
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    stconquest reacted to AshleyAshes in LGBT community   
    7.5 weeks of Overtime, 60-72hr work weeks, finally completed.  So tired but can't argue with the over time pay and the movie will be out in a couple of months.  The plus side is, the company gave my department today and tomorrow off, paid, and it doesn't come out of our stock of vacation days.  I'm using vacation days for next week, so 11 day weekend.   Because I'm tired and worn out, I want to sleep, watch TV and movies, play games, see friends, work on projects.  All the OT also allowed me to make some heavy hits on my student loans, so they'll be down to under $5000 or less by the turn of the month, and $1000 in spending money piled up for Anime North.
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    stconquest reacted to SansVarnic in [UPDATE] US Senate and House of Representatives votes to let internet providers share your browsing history without your permission   
    This move make Zero sense in the long run. I guess I will be typing up some well worded letters to a few Senators ... Stupid.
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    stconquest reacted to Kobathor in FPS vs Detal   
    they would both be the same PC
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    stconquest reacted to Tech_Dreamer in WikiLeaks release another batch of CIA projects Vault7 : Dark Matter that affects Apple hardwares   

    WikiLeaks releases a new batch of leaked CIA projects that target Apple products that is code named Dark Mater, The second release in the series details the techniques that WikiLeaks claims are employed by CIA assets to compromise Apple devices between the manufacturing line and the end user.  The new released files  contains documentation for several CIA projects that infect Apple Mac firmware

    Among others, these documents reveal the "Sonic Screwdriver" project which, as explained by the CIA, is a "mechanism for executing code on peripheral devices while a Mac laptop or desktop is booting" allowing an attacker to boot its attack software for example from a USB stick "even when a firmware password is enabled". The CIA's "Sonic Screwdriver" infector is stored on the modified firmware of an Apple Thunderbolt-to-Ethernet adapter. Another documentation being NightSkies tool made specifically for iPhone. NightSkies version 1.2 had been out since 2008 and according to WikiLeaks was specifically designed to be installed on factory fresh iPhones.
    Apple later claimed that they fixed the issue ,but Wikileaks counteracted that this is not a zero day exploit & it is still vulnerable , In other note Assange offered the affected companies around 3 months (90 days) for them to provide encryption keys to WikiLeaks in order for them to communicate details of the exploits. But so far most of em contacted him via another secure channel , so far the details havent been shared unless they agree with Assanges terms of communication , Microsoft , google have made contact with him on this , But so far no real info was exchanged

    News Sources: (details are muddy , be careful)
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    stconquest reacted to Satisfoxy in Where should i donate ? Nature or Human ?   
    Nature. Humanity only likes killing itself so why give it any life support?
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    stconquest reacted to Zodiark1593 in [UPDATE] US Senate and House of Representatives votes to let internet providers share your browsing history without your permission   
    Well, bringing the "Cleaning" service to the digital age would fit in very well to my skill set. I could see businesses and politicians making more use of Cyber Cleaning than true criminal organizations like the Mob. 
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    stconquest got a reaction from Kumaresh in Internet is NOT a communication channel   
    You know we can't discuss this anymore... but I don't think lobbying is any more difficult than it has previously been. 
    The content of the so called "tech briefings" is not important to a lot of these officials.  That dollar amount is what they remember.  I can see it now:  A vote comes to the floor and a gov't official opens a little "black book".  "Ah yes, this is Wednesday's $15000 vote."  They then look to the left to either see a "Y", or an "N" next to the line.
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    stconquest reacted to zMeul in internet goes down? ISPs pay back the customer for the down time - Ofcom proposes   
    source: http://www.kitguru.net/channel/generaltech/matthew-wilson/ofcom-wants-uk-isps-to-automatically-pay-customers-back-whenever-connections-go-down/

    seriously loving the idea and should be implemented EU wide
    Ofcom is UK's telecom regulator
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    stconquest reacted to tom_w141 in So how's the Ryzen memory issues going?   
    You need to ask yourself a few questions:
    Are you willing to be an early adopter and deal with a new platforms launch issues? (Intel has had them too in the past)
    If the answer is no then stop here.
    Are you going to be gaming at 1440p or on a 60Hz monitor?
    If the answer is yes then the 7700k loses its advantage and is redundant from this point onward.
    Will you be doing ANYTHING else cpu involved other than gaming? e.g. streaming or video editing.
    If yes then the 1700 wipes the floor with the 7700k.
    Do you want to play todays games or tomorrows?
    Games will start to take full advantage of more cores/threads and this will make R7s even more appealing. sure games today favour quad cores but remember when it was all about single core? Times change, vulkan is coming.
    Be a pioneer or play it safe its up to you. Either way answer the above questions honestly and you have your answer.
    Proud owner of 6700k system and an R7 1700 system.
    My only advice is don't get the 1800X as 1700s are showing in the vast majority of cases to OC very stable at the higher frequencies. Also don't be sold on XFR it doesn't boost for long and only boosts 1 core.
    For Ryzen your best bet is an all core overclock.
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    stconquest reacted to tom_w141 in So what's the consensus with Ryzen so far? Are the 1700 and 1700x CPUs just binned 1800x's?   
    I don't even think they are binned like that. I just think the 1800Xs are tested at 4GHz and the rest are just 1700 or 1700Xs. I can get 3.7GHz all cores on stock voltage on my 1700. I can easily be stable at 4GHz with my RAM at 2933 and still be under 1.4V (1.45 is the recommended highest you take it). The 1800Xs biggest competitor is not intel it is the 1700 imo. Online I've never seen anyone achieve less than 3.9GHz stable so its a bit baffling paying ~ £160 premium when its 5 minutes work in the bios to replicate.
    In summary I think with the AM4 platform the motherboard is way more important than the CPU so get yourself a decent mobo and a 1700 should perform well.
    EDIT: when I say binned like that I mean it doesn't appear that they make sure the 1700s are the ones that can't achieve the higher clocks.
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    stconquest reacted to BuckGup in Scientists have taught a neural network to choreograph Dance Dance Revolution levels   
    Well I am glad we are using multi million dollar computers to make dance dance revolution levels...
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    stconquest got a reaction from Appletax in 1st Time Water Cooling - Help   
    Man, the OC'ers are gonna jump in a rip you a new one.
    Replacing the TIM with CLU (replacing the IHS) has shown persistent, and meaningful, results for Intel CPUs.
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    stconquest got a reaction from DaemonWarrior44 in How big my p... needs to be?   
    What graphics cards?
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    stconquest got a reaction from DaemonWarrior44 in How big my p... needs to be?   
    Don't do that.
    @DaemonWarrior44  You meant two of them, I saw x4...
    A good 550W PSU will do.  Want some suggestions?
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    stconquest got a reaction from DaemonWarrior44 in How big my p... needs to be?   
    I thought you meant four RX 480s... you meant two 4GB 480s. 
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    stconquest got a reaction from Shiv78 in How big my p... needs to be?   
    What graphics cards?
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    stconquest got a reaction from Shiv78 in How big my p... needs to be?   
    Don't do that.
    @DaemonWarrior44  You meant two of them, I saw x4...
    A good 550W PSU will do.  Want some suggestions?
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    stconquest reacted to Shiv78 in How big my p... needs to be?   
    Crossfire 480s are a waste of money. Get a single GTX 1070 instead.
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    stconquest got a reaction from DaemonWarrior44 in How big my p... needs to be?   
    Your CPU?