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  1. Is it bad that I'm more looking forward to an MMO expansion than a remake of a game I dumped hundreds of hours into when I was 15?

  2. And that's fine. As others have said, gender is what makes you feel most comfortable. It's complicated, but figuring yourself out is... liberating? From what I've heard from friends of mine who came out as non-binary or trans over the past couple years.
  3. I've had someone tell me their gender is best described by this video. I feel them.
  4. While we're on the subject, I've had the Gender Thoughts before. I'm not sure if I'm a guy or masc-presenting non-binary, or maybe just 56k dial-up noises. Haha, gender is a fuck.
  5. Probably because they want to cling onto scientific models that are over 20 years out of date because they don't want to admit they're wrong about something. It's pretty common. Remember that a lot of non-white cultures like native Americans and Indians already recognized that gender isn't a binary thing but instead a spectrum. Germany was also pretty great for LGBTQ+ and NGC people before Zentrum gave the Nazis power, but that's a bit outta the scope of this thread and forum.
  6. I just want to see my boyfriend again, but alas. I'm immunocompromised and there's that pandemic the feds fucked up (and are still fucking up) the handling of, and I'm partial to not staying in the hospital overnight again. And living.

    Western game devs compress your fucking games challenge

    1. ARikozuM


      Things are getting out of control. 

  8. Oh good, because I hate the 16:9 display on my T480. Hopefully this trend of 16:10 or 3:2 displays on laptops leads to the death of the 16:9 aspect ratio on computers.
  9. Most are relics of bygone eras that we haven't given much thought into changing because of either lobbying, a refusal to change or the idea that everything is just fine as-is. Even though it's clearly not.
  10. And in a number of states, it's legal to fire someone on the basis of being gay. This includes your state, but not mine. There's an even higher amount of states that allows you to argue in court that someone's status as trans "shocked" you into killing them, which... includes both of our states. It's an evolution of the "gay panic defense" that's been an issue for generations.
  11. Nowak

    Wanna know what gives me anxiety in terms of yo…

    What about ones who use meaningless metrics like "gaming performance" to judge a keyboard? :^3
  12. As corny as this sounds to non-MMO players, I honestly can't wait until I do the Eden raids with my boyfriend lmao
  13. I blabbed about Final Fantasy XIV so much I got my boyfriend mildly interested in picking it up. He picked it up after the Endwalker announcement showcase.
  14. tbh, on the subject of dating trans people If I weren't already taken, I'd date a trans man. Not to say that I'm dissatisfied with my current relationship, far from it, especially 3 years in. But, if I were given the opportunity back in 2017? Yeah. My only requirements are that you're younger than me (the closer to my age tho the better, and I will not date someone below 20), cis male or transmasc.
  15. Finally switched away from Lastpass 😌

  16. Nowak

    Genuinely the funniest thing to happen is Metal…

    sarcasm is hard to pick up in text
  17. Nowak

    Genuinely the funniest thing to happen is Metal…

    did you forget that twitch DMCA-banned dragonforce lead guitarist herman li for playing his own music on a stream
  18. Nowak

    Genuinely the funniest thing to happen is Metal…

    And also by entities that collectively think that people only exist to feed them an endless stream of money.
  19. Genuinely the funniest thing to happen is Metallica having a concert on Twitch audio-replaced because of the DMCA, something they're directly responsible for.


    I'm serious. This is a direct consequence of Metallica v. Napster (2000). They actually brought this upon themselves by pushing for draconian copyright laws.



    Where's that reaping vs. sowing meme when you need it?

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    2. Nowak


      5 minutes ago, Letgomyleghoe said:

      that's kind of odd, there's no way that I could see that being a DMCA violation, the owner of the music is playing it live.
      Must have been a mistake with no mal intent, because you know, twitch is completely unbiased.

      did you forget that twitch DMCA-banned dragonforce lead guitarist herman li for playing his own music on a stream

    3. Letgomyleghoe


      7 minutes ago, Nowak said:

      If you didn't catch my sarcasm, I'll add a /s for you.

    4. Nowak


      Just now, Letgomyleghoe said:

      If you didn't catch my sarcasm, I'll add a /s for you.

      sarcasm is hard to pick up in text

  20. They're still around and are making all of these weird, overpriced laptops. Who buys them, I don't know. Why they still exist, I don't know.
  21. ffxiv_02182021_194525_492.thumb.png.4eb10e4737eab6842fcfee0f8a080538.png


    don't mind me just hanging out by the gay lava

    1. PlayStation 2

      PlayStation 2

      pyrovision tf2

  22. I hope I can get gay married in FFXIV some time soon lmao
  23. At this point I might just say "fuck this" and stick to just standard Ubuntu on my laptop

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    2. WaggishOhio383


      Meanwhile were I live (not Ohio) we're supposed to get 1/2 an inch of freezing rain and sleet overnight. And the ground is already super wet so bye bye trees and power

    3. PlayStation 2
    4. Velcade


      Damn man why are Ohioans shoving snow in their pockets?! 

  24. Nowak

    fuck corsair with a rusty spork dabs   https://…

    The Nintendo 64 controller had a "rear-side control surface", the Z button, in 1996. SCUF was founded in 2011. They likely won't go after Nintendo over that because the existence of prior art would invalidate their patent, but being able to hold patents over button placement on a controller is awful for video games and disabled gamers and so part of me hopes that they, in their litigious nature, do that.