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  1. Looks like we have the same problem. But at least you got your parents covering your internet connection. As for us, we could barely fit the monthly cost of our connection in our tight budget. That's why we couldn't upgrade to a better internet provider. And ours is supposedly the cheapest when it comes to "UNLIMITED" connection among the three most popular here in the Philippines. I guess I should've asked for a "FASTER" one. :unsure:
  2. Thanks. I'll surely try this. Your step by step instruction is just what we were looking for.
  3. Dude, your connection speed is a dream for us. How I wish we had that speed with ours.
  4. Good day! I'm from the Philippines and my internet connection is very slow. I have a Sun Post Paid Broadband 3G Pocket Wifi which is supposed to have an "UNLIMITED" load on internet connection. When I still had my old PC a couple of months ago, the connection was fast. I could download at 30 kbps - 40 kbps (peak hours) to 200 kbps - 700 kbps (off-peak hours). But when bought a new rig just this month and started downloading, all I'm getting is 0.1 kbps - 3 kbps (peak hours) to 0.1 kbps - 30 kbps (off-peak hours). This is slowing many things for me and my family. My wife couldn't do her bus
  5. Good day to everyone! I've got my new rig now. (Sooooo happy!!!) Although, I don't have the new video card I want yet. I'm still waiting for it to arrive at the store this coming January. And I didn't get a PSU with a higher wattage. But still, my new rig seems to work just fine. Thanks for everybody's advice. And I'll be posting some pictures of my new rig. Take care you guys and have a happy new year!
  6. @DigitalHermit Kabayan! Do you know any computer store in or near Laguna that has lowest prices?
  7. Thanks so much for everybody's advice. So, I guess I'll just try my 450W first. Curious question though. If the pc unexpectedly shuts down because the PSU's wattage was insufficient, what would happen most likely? Would the other components of the pc get broken? Would the mobo fry, or would the procie melt or something? Sorry if my weird imagination is acting up.
  8. Hi. I'm a PC noob and I'm planning to build my own pc for the first time. I'd like to build a gaming pc that could also do a bit of light video editing (but no overclocking. I'm really afraid of breaking the build before I could even use it). I'm also on a very very tight budget. So, I looked up the parts and here's what I've come up with. Maybe someone could help me to see if these parts are practical, sufficient enough, and compatible with each other. I already have a Cooler Master Thunder 450W PSU from our old pc. Will that be sufficient enough for my build, or do I have to buy another PSU