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  1. It shouldnt affect it. But you can never be sure. If all fail I would use regular paste just to rule that out and then go through all the software things.
  2. Have you checked 3 times that you didnt spill anything? Check all around the die and cpu for a 3rd and 4th time.
  3. You can plug the pump into a fan header and control it. There is no way to control the headers on the mainboard.
  4. I cant recommend this game because imo the problems outweighs the good by a lot. Keep in mind this is just an opinion. The game is completely unbalanced. There is no auto team balance what so ever so it's not unusual that one team is 2-5 people short. Especially in the squad conquest. Very often it's an 8v4 game - which is not fun. Tanks are super inconsistent in strength. Some are super weak due to the turret rotation speed or damage output (turret rotation speed is super wobbly and “drunken” in first person). It's not uncommon to shoot multiple rounds (4-6) into anoth
  5. It's just meh. A lot of tuning options and a nice selection of cars. But driving in general is rather stupid bc of the amount of drifting involved. Not as bad as the previous nfs but still rather ridiculous even for an arcade game. Drifting is slower than grip but you start drifting very fast for no reason at all. And cops are fing op. Cop chases are just bad. Not boring or wired but bad. Cops are very aggressive and can take a ton of hits where your cars gets destroyed by like 5-6 hits. Cops are ridiculously fast and only try to crash you. In general I would say it's a
  6. So I bought a new notebook a few weeks ago. I did so because on the weekend I'm not at my place and wanted a portable device to play games on. I used to have a Clevo notebook with an I7 6700hq and a gtx 1060. However I sold it because of the 60hz screen, lack of up to date drivers, dying battery and noicy fans (most of which is due to driver issues that wont be fixed anymore...) So I bought the ROG Strix G for the following reasons: New 9th gen cpu A gtx 1660ti (which is supposed to be on paar with the 2060) 120 hz ips screen So in general a nice hardware upgr
  7. Weeellllll... some caves require you to sign up before you enter and take a lot of personal information in case you get lost. Soooo ...
  8. And it has worse audio quality and cant be privatly hosted and so on and so on
  9. rog.asus.com/forum/ Anyone getting 502 errors as well? It's been all day long and I wanna do some research
  10. Getting traumatized by a ddos? Was his life support hocked up to that server or what? I kinda smell a lame excuse. And I agree with Intransigent, no one will buy that for 30$.
  11. You know what would be nice? A 1080p touch version for ~100€/$
  12. Android? If yes you can move the data warning slider up and down to adjust it.
  13. Hello, after unlocking the bootloader (no root, no custom rom or recovery) I’m unable to add my pc or notebook as a trusted device for smart unlock. If I try to add my pc I get the error that the device can’t be added and I should verify that it is close enough for a connection. I'm able to transfer files over bluetooth and I can add my car as a trusted device no problem. I did reset the entire bluetooth controller on my pc and paired my phone again but no success. I can use the other smart lock features, trusted places, voice match and carry detection.
  14. They can't. Only inductors can make a whiny sound when the coil starts vibrating. Usually happens at extreme fps (400+).
  15. Guess one way to avoide it (on Firefox) is to use this addon https://addons.mozilla.org/de/firefox/addon/restore-fast-theme-of-youtube/?src=search It's not up to date and doesn't restore the layout from a few days ago. Instead it restores a much older layout. Still better that whatever this is...
  16. You could run afterburner and take a look at all the sensor data. Maybe you hit some limit (power or temp). The blower cooler is just bad and the 70c you say doesn’t tell the whole story. The junction temp can spike way above 100c (usually 15-20c hotter that edge temp) and reach thermal limit. That’s where the card starts downclocking. Check afterburner to verify that. You could set the fan speed to 100% and see if things change. It could also be a driver issue. They seem to be rather unreliable at the moment. So clean installation of the driver could help.
  17. Are there no resellers in Turkey? I'm pretty sure Turkey has some sort of import taxes so I would search directly for those. I'm not from Turkey btw...
  18. I have no news about a 30 series. So if you have the money get the 2080ti. SLI is dead
  19. Since gpus don’t have any speakers and you're sure it's them I would guess either a bad bearing of a fan (metal rubbing on metal) or coil whine. There’s not a whole lot more on a card that can make a sound.
  20. Then we kinda ruled out software as an issue. The last software test I can come up with is to boot a live linux and see how that behaves. I guess you could also install ubuntu and download the nvidia driver for a test. One more thing: check if there are any bios updates for your mainboard and if yes, install them. If that also doesn't work then it might be hardware related. Then I would remove the cooler, check for any unusual, dust the card off reapply thermal paste and pad and test again. Also maybe a bios update to the gpu could be worth a shot - but I'm not experience in that s
  21. Have you done the usual? Reinstalled gpu driver, checked all connectors (power connectors, monitor cable), tested the card in a different system, changed the monitor cable, changed the monitor, taken a look at the card via software monitor like afterburner.
  22. Have you switch display and display cable? Just to rule this out.
  23. If it works for you thats great! The shared memory thing is likely a windows thing. The cards wont actually share their memory - that would be very confusing.
  24. What security screw? The one that you put in through the case to secure the card? Did you put it back in after you noticed it's missing? What part of the cooler did you repair? Did you reapply thermal paste before putting it back together (if taken off the card)? When does the bsod occur? Right at system start or when you game? To further analyse the bsod you could use the tool whocrashed (https://www.resplendence.com/downloads) this will display any crash logs found in a usable format. It even tells you exactly which file / service / program caused it.