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    scheduleX got a reaction from Naeaes in Why am I keep getting error 0x8020002b Window 10   
    Haha nice search you have. One of them it's me
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    scheduleX reacted to TheMissxu in Asus Z170 Motherboards to Feature Custom Color LEDs   
    While the accents of the motherboard are red (and would need to be painted) Edit: accents still somewhat unclear, Asus seems to have taken Linus' needs into consideration:
    Asus' next generation Z170 Maximus VIII motherboards (Hero confirmed, assuming models above as well) will feature lighting control for custom LED colors. It is advertised to be 6 different color profiles, although there is no word on fine tuned customization.

    Based on what is seen in the video, this feature will be called SupremeFX. Edit: That actually is the audio solution's name, although that logo will have the same LEDs. This also means that the Maximus VIII Extreme will also have this feature (See below for images from the press release page). The Ranger and Gene might have the feature, but it isn't guaranteed (Hard to tell).
    Here is an official article.
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    scheduleX reacted to cooperb21 in Gtx 970 can only use 3.5GB of its memory? (bug or flaw in design?)   
    Happening all over.
    Wow around 90% gigabyte and msi cards so far