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  1. The 2060 super goes for the same price as the 5700 XT which is a faster card
  2. You're reading way too much into that. The bottleneck here is your CPU.
  3. On second thought, you have a 1070. I don't see the rush to get a 5700 XT. I'd wait for the next generation to upgrade. It would be better (and cheaper) to upgrade your CPU instead.
  4. It's fine to upgrade. Unless you're buying an RTX 2080 ti and an i9 9900K, there is always going to be a bottleneck somewhere.
  5. This is just you misunderstanding what network neutrality is.
  6. Out of the box, it's not great, but it can be modded. Gamer Nexus has a guide
  7. I don't think a 5700 anniversary edition exists. Iirc, only the 5700 XT edition exists
  8. There isn't a catastrophically bad custom one from the ones that have been reviewed. The MSI EVOKE seems to be the worst one. The rest are okay. It mostly comes down to price, loudness and looks.
  9. How much does the RX 570 go for where you live?
  10. That's a good price for the 980. I think. I don't know how Maxwell is doing in current games
  11. I ordered the Pulse from Amazon, but there is no stock right to ship. I went with that because it seemed like the best bang for buck. Still no word on the XFX Thicc here in the US, but today was another model I wanted. Navi doesn't overclock will so it's hard to justify anything more that $430 IMO
  12. This is how supply and demand works. High demand + low supply = high prices. I'm also not 100% sure, but Brexit could have an effect on prices too.
  13. How it's done is irrelevant. What matters is the outcome, and AMD's implementation of objectively superior. Also hilarious that you call Hardware Unboxed a random YouTuber, but you want me to consider the OPINION of an actual random YouTube post.
  14. MFW someone calls Hardware Unboxed "some youtuber"
  15. No, it's a fact. Lmao at "some youtuber". Fanboys are getting more and more insane
  16. Ray tracing isn't going to get better anytime soon. Give it like 3 to 5 years, and by that time current gen RTX cards will be very obsolete. The 5700 XT being 30 - 40 pounds more than the 2060 super is worth it.
  17. Watch the video when you have time. No point in arguing this
  18. Those games aren't hard to run. You could get away with a 1660/1660 ti for those. You don't need a 2070 super. If you want to splurge a little, go for the RX 5700 (non XT).
  19. Imagine how far the overton window in the US is to the right, where someone can say with a straight face that corporately owned MSNBC and CNN are left wing. Oof.