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  1. Thats a great example. Right now I only have 2 VPNs, one for my game servers and one for remote access when I'm away. I would like to be able to keep this kind of customization. I was just unsure if i would be able to migrate my current solution to a USG. I love PFsense dont get me wrong, but it is the one oddball in my network of Unifi equipment. I havent really played around with a VDSL or pfBlockerNG. I do have Suricata installed and its been working great. Would I be opposed to keeping my current PFsense box, no not at all, but I would like to update it to the SG31
  2. What I mean by tinker is just playing around with new things and devices. I would have no desire to implement it into my current network infrastructure.
  3. This is great information!! After hearing about you using it in an enterprise environment, it tells me a lot about the performance I might expect from the box at home. While I wont have the load that an enterprise does, I do expect to get my fill gigabit pipe.ON a side note, I have really gotten past the tinkering phase, and if I wanted to tinker I'd just set up a new network for it instead of constantly playing with my live environment. Thanks for the feedback!!
  4. Ok, so I am looking to replace my current firewall (home built PFsense box) and I have narrowed down my choices to two. I am looking at either an SG-3100 or a USG Pro-4. I have some networking experience and I believe that either one can meet my network requirements, but I don't have any experience with the Unifi Security Gateways. I currently have Openvpn, Suricata and PIA setup on my pfsense box. I have a full gigabit connection to my apartment (its copper so I average like 600 mbps) I know that I can setup OpenVPN and PIA on a USG so I'm not worried about those services. I also have a Unifi
  5. Very roughly speaking, for a single full-transcode of a video, the following PassMark score requirements are a good guideline for the following average source file: 4K HDR (50Mbps, 10-bit HEVC) file: 17000 PassMark score (being transcoded to 10Mbps 1080p) 4K SDR (40Mbps, 8-bit HEVC) file: 12000 PassMark score (being transcoded to 10Mbps 1080p) 1080p (10Mbps, H.264) file: 2000 PassMark score 720p (4Mbps, H.264) file: 1500 PassMark score The CPU Benchmark website is a good resource to see what sort of PassMark score a particular processor received. This is
  6. Only have licensing for 2012 otherwise I would use 2016, I'm going to worry about permissions later after the move. I assumed I would need to have at least some downtime for sync
  7. Has anyone had experience moving data from a Freenas share to Windows storage spaces? I could just copy and paste, but it is live data so multiple people will have files open given at any given time. It amounts to almost 2tb worth of data. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  8. Is it possible to stack 2 pi 3s into a cluster for more performance on the hub? Considering a large amount of cameras. Thanks!
  9. Also he only reason I need to reapply is because in order to properly clean the fans in my laptop is to take off the heatsink. I normally hold he fans and use compressed air, but I have had thermal throttle issues. And boy, was there some dust bunnies trapped.
  10. That was one of my concerns, I'll only be applying it once but it's the only paste I have. I don't have bare dies though so your advice is solid.
  11. So I'm setting here with my laptop disassembled, and I'm trying to decide on he best way to reapply my thermal compound. All I have is IC Diamond which by my experience is the most difficult to apply as far as good coverage. Anyone have some good advice on applying to CPU and GPU dies in a laptop?
  12. Seems to be a common response, kinda bummed.
  13. Is it possible to separate audio sources that get mixed on the desktop? What I am having difficulty doing is whenever I record gameplay, discord gets mixed with the game audio. I'd like to keep these separated if possible, I have done a lot of research but haven't found a solution that works.
  14. Productivity mostly with a little content creation but nothing super professional.
  15. That's actually a fair point..but I can't find a decent ultrawide with vesa mount.