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  1. not sure if capitalization matters but line 1928 folding name should be Hambobolubia
  2. thank both for your advise very helpful will defiantly be using the fan control and only setting it down on hard surfaces
  3. Hi all! I just stumbled across the thread on the folding at home event for COVID-19 and i would really like to participate! my only problem is that my only computer at the moment is my late 2019 macbook pro 15" with the core i9. i was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction to get started folding on mac (if my system even makes the minimum requirements ). edit- i seem to of got it working but it does not fing my GPU is there a fix for that or am i stuck to CPU only??
  4. if you want to use it just like an arduino you will have to load a bootloader witch will communicate with the arduino IDE. the best way to do this it normally to use the ISP header (i would suggest you add this to your board) using another hardware device called a ISP programmer witch can be found online fairly cheep or you could build your own using another arduino. once the bootloader is intsalled it will enable your usb port and you should be able to upload a Sketch using the arduino IDE. here is a link to an old ben heck video that should help https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ncobWc61w
  5. at this point no i really do like the look of the ThinkPads but as of now they are a little out of my budget for the software as far as i know autocad is mostly what they use.... im my own time i would like to run solidworks and cura for my 3d printer as well as eagle (with autorouter)for electronic projects
  6. i know this is kind of a stupid questio but how would it compare to my current desktop intel core 2 quad Q6600 2.4G 8GB ram and just a generic 7200RPM hdd
  7. i have a very large steam library at the moment i belive it take about 800GB and i dont think that is feesable for an ssd aswell as id like to experiment with VMs
  8. id say around 1000-1500(canadian) possibly more i guess it really depends on the laptop if it has something that i really like i wouldn't mind paying more
  9. I am starting school in September for electronic engineering and the school im going to wants a fairly beefy laptop here are their minimum specs on top of that i would like it to have the ability to be upgraded with an ssd and possibly more ram..pp preferably multiple nvme slots and a 2.5" sata drive bay also looking for something that wont break that bank thanks
  10. alright so i have these 2 laptop wifi cards and was just wondering witch one i should use? one is an intel 130BNHMW and the other is an intel 11230BNHMW i cant really seem to find much other then used listings on ebay Thanks
  11. http://store.hp.com/CanadaStore/Merch/Default.aspx?v=mar1 https://www.newegg.ca/
  12. i was thinking about it but for what im going to school for needs a ethernet jack and i dint want to have to worry about having a dongle. id also like something that could be pluged in to a dock for a more desktop experience at home
  13. alright so iv seen quite a few threads asking this question but have never found one with the specs that i want. i'm starting school in September and need a laptop. not much interested in gaming. i would like something that has a fast cpu, touch screen, full sized Ethernet jack, an ssd and either a lot of ram or the ability to be upgraded. i also don't want something that looks like a gamer's laptop. it should look more like a hp probook or a lenovo think pad. i would like mobile internet although its not necessary. i get a small discount at hp (13%) but if theres something cheeper from a diff
  14. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller/home?A=details&O=&Q=&c3api=1876%2C72666235682%2C%2C&gclid=CjwKCAiAlfnUBRBQEiwAWpPA6ZGoc6Ni-CKAJr9OL1DeBhWPSzjq-MHZ-amkzuVWnDkAnZu-dRDPxBoCqrsQAvD_BwE&is=REG&pcur=CAD&sku=1359409
  15. https://www.fs.com/products/20753.html?currency=CAD&paid=google_shopping&gclid=CjwKCAiA8vPUBRAyEiwA8F1oDIfSjoj-MEY2lKSdrrpU9crO_ycnMycVMfDVfi6VVyudbJQuVvxuOxoCG78QAvD_BwE first result from google
  16. 12 grade bio class... Teacher gave it out on the second week.... She just told me now that they were talking about DNA when It got handed out... Gonna spend a few minutes on google learning about DNA sequencing... It could be a dead end but Yolo
  17. After looking at some of the previous results I have realised that not every possible letter is in the message witch greatly reduces the permutations we know that we need a space so if any of our permutations Do not return any spaces then we know that it is a false answer... Could someone make a frequency table of how common differences combinations are? Then the most common few have a high probability of being space or vowels. I wish I had excel and a computer to do this on
  18. Thanks a ton you have saved me countless hours of doing this by hand
  19. Thanks for trying... Try putting space at the beginning (space=111) and if that doesn't work try the alphabet backwards with space at the beginning and end. That should give you 18 more possibilities.
  20. I have been trying this by converting to almost binary but with 2s and trying them against a table I made. The problem is that there are 6 different ways to match the symbols to numbers and (27 nPr 27) ~1.0888x10^28 different ways to arrange the alphabet so in theory there are about ~6.5333x10^28 different outcomes for this message and I'm looking for 1 that looks like English
  21. I unfortunately don't have access to a computer at the moment I'm on Android could you run this for me?
  22. My girlfriend brought this code home from school and asked me to help with it. I started by thinking it was base 3 like binary and iv tried to decode the first line using a few different permutations of my guess at the base 3 scheme but I just keep getting nonsense any help would be appreciated
  23. hello I am looking for a mobile radio the can operate in the UHF band for communication to handheld GMRS radios. i was looking at the midland micro mobiles at first but though that i could get something that can do VHF/UHF for other things (ex my local fire department operates on 154MHz and i sometimes need to monitor them while on an exercise) i would also like something small as im trying to build it in to a ammo can and i need <14 watts of output. thanks
  24. Notepad++ was my first choice already tried it the files don't open correctly. I believe they are binary files
  25. i have a few files the i need to open and modify but on first glance i cant figure out a way to make them legible. the files are from the firmware of a pic32 and have the extention .mrl please help i have attached a few of these files not all though because there's something like 400 of them 2.mrl 5.mrl 1.mrl