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    Perth, WA
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    MLP and computers. That's pretty much why I'm here

    After that,
    4WD cars (Have a HJ47)
    Audiophile stuff (On a budget so no LCD2s yet)
    Making videos, special effecs (Just look at my channel!)
    Pro Audio (It's kinda my job.... So I have a big PA)
    My little pony: FiM (Am a brony, deal with it :D )
    Computers (Isn't that why we're all here :P)
    Brony fandom and music!!!
  1. My Favorite thing about the M8 is the fact that it's very likely to replace my EVO 3D. The build quality looks stunning!
  2. Welcome to Australia.... I pay way too much money for this
  3. All the albums at my local CD shops are pretty cheap. JB hifi sells really cheap CDs when you buy at the right time
  4. Wow... you learn something new every day. I didn't know that you could even get tape drives like that with those capacities said just above
  5. Will you do an unboxing of it? I think a lot of people would like you to unbox it
  6. Same here.... That post about Twi was my first ever post on this forum. So, welcome to the forum *Sings Pinkie's welcoming song*
  7. Hmm.... I'd have to say that Twi is best pony but Killer Rig! Once upon a time, Boxes of parts that now is my PC were on that exact bench in the exact store. That's where I got everything for my PC back in '09 Infact, I might be heading up to that store soon to buy a hard drive
  8. Probably trying to put a 1333mhz Core2 in an old PC that had a 965 chipset. I didn't know that the 965 only supported up to 1066 and so I thought that upgrading the BIOS would work (Swapped the old core 2 in there) but the BIOS download was corrupt. At that time, I found out that it won't support that CPU so I had to spend a while re-setting the BIOS and CMOS and install a full new bios onto the board. A few hours of frustration but it was all good in the end. It's nothing compared to some of the stuff that you guys have done though :)
  9. And then there's me, with Vinyl. CD won't die for a long time and neither will Vinyl. Magnetic tape, that's really dead. But that's for music. Data storage with CD is just about dead. I haven't used CD for storage in a while but I still have a drive in my PC for watching movies and burning CDs I still use DVD for bootable OSes for old PCs. I don't know about you guys, but I really like seeing an old G3 mac or a pentium 3 tower booting into something I can use :)
  10. Twilight is best pony. That is all Pinkie pie next