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    Making things. What else?
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    I am Ela. I do things.
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    AMD Ryzen 5 1600
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    Does it matter? I use what I want.
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    Running in the 90s
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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe if you grab an old iOS IPSW file you can open iTunes, hold option while clicking on the reset button in iOS and then select the IPSW and boom old iOS. Otherwise cool video
  2. Most sites now use tokens to authenticate users. If at all possible, avoid doing the storing of usernames and passwords. Seriously! It's an absolute headache and you really really really don't want to do it. However, EngineYard did a good series back in 2014, however find a more up to date tutorial if you are planning on doing anything like this. If at all possible, sites will use OAuth. It's the little "Log in with <service here>" button you see everywhere.
  3. It's a difficult thing to do. If you're writing C# with the dotNET framework, expect it to be crackable within hours. Tools like ILSpy can be used to decompile the app and get back the source with ease. LiveOverflow did a great mini-series on cracking programs so you may want to check that out. However, having attempted this myself, you can, for example, have some form of database that your app makes a request too to verify keys or similar. That's probably the best way of doing it.
  4. Ah. I use office 2010 on windows (old school I know) Also the installer doesn't install the updater........
  5. I've downloaded the pkg off the MS site... Because the updater didn't get installed(??????)
  6. Hello Couple of annoying issues with OfM 1) Why did they change Onenote's ribbon but not the rest of the suite? 2) Is there any reason why OneNote is missing so many features????? (Don't have a screenshot as I don't have a windows VM available, but trust me its missing a good chuck of the feature set) 3) Is there any way to get a license for office 2019 (when it comes out) for both Windows and Mac without subscribing to Office (I don't need the subscription anymore I just want a disk licence!) 4) ARGH WHY IS OfM SO DIFFERENT TO THE WINDOWS VERSION HOW HARD C
  7. I want a touch id on the apple logo. However I'm on an SE... *yawn*
  8. Thank you both! I would rather teach unity as I’m familiar. If anything it’s more of an excuse to bang optimisation home. (Far to used to teaching on systems with a 960 minimum). (Side note, mobile ltt is near impossible)
  9. Ok, before you click off this saying I am batshit insane, let me explain! I've been asked to teach game dev as an after school club at my college/sixth form/school. I ideally would like to use Unity as it's what I like and am comfortable with. Here is where the community help is needed. If someone has access to an HD 7450 (ideally along with an i5 950 but that's not really as important), how well does the unity editor run with *basic* games. I would like to know because I can't test this myself (due to admin perms) but am allowed to get software installed. Thanks!
  10. *Quietly grumbles about the switch girl and how its not marked in the thumbnail* I mean not to be harsh, but it does rub me the wrong way. Oh well...
  11. Technically, from the stance of the bodies over here at least, it has to be clear before I clicked on the video, and the thumbnail doesn't really state there's an ad or anything. I dunno what Canada are like, but the UK would flip their sh*t over it...
  12. If there's one thing I've picked up from this sub, its "WHO IS THE SWITCH GIRL" and product placement. However, as a little heads up, as far as I know, under UK advertising regulations, if they were a UK company that would not be ok if it was product placement, as it would need to be clearly marked in the start of the episode with a little P sign or something. Then again, i'm just a girl online, what do I know? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯