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  1. More info about your setup might be helpful. What case, and what case fans are you using? Because unless the cooler is getting a good supply of fresh cool air then even the best will under perform.
  2. Doesn't GTA V have hookers? Isn't that sexual crime? Albeit non violent (and assuming you ignore what pimps actually do.) But the topic does have deep sociological roots. People used to openly cheer actual murderous criminals like John Dillinger, although they would have never cheered similar sexual violence. Similarly it is somewhat more acceptable to role play certain forms of violence than others. Taboos are what they are - there is often little rhyme or reason.
  3. Yes, that and the limitation of the whole 'single layer' aspect. Which I suspect is a condition necessary to the phenomenon, and so will be a major limiting factor to any sort of practical application. This is more about pure materials science than anything with foreseeable technological application.
  4. ThomasD

    pasta help

    Some recipes call for adding oil to the cooking water. This is unnecessary. You can dress the cooked pasta with pretty much any oil to your liking. Canola has a very light/neutral flavor, so will not bring as much brightness as a virgin olive oil. I'd go 50-50 with oil and melted butter, then some grated hard cheese.
  5. That's at least the second time you have greatly misrepresented what I said. Here is my FULL quote YOU are the one who has chosen to focus on only ONE possible answer (guess actually.) You might have more credibility if you wouldn't grossly misrepresent people to the point of dishonesty. But, given your overall behavior in this thread I do not think it likely. And here's ONE MORE bit of speculation on my part. Maybe Obama didn't remove Comey because he knew the FBI never really investigated the DNC hack and didn't want his replacement
  6. Pretty much. The FBI does not prosecute. They make referrals to the DOJ and the DOJ decides whether or not to prosecute.
  7. I offered that as one possible alternative. Off the top of my head. You asked me to speculate, I did, and now you wish to pick and choose exactly which guess I need to substantiate? Get over yourself.
  8. Sort of. If Joe Biden stabbed an innocent person to death in broad daylight he most certainly would be arrested and tried for murder in the jurisdiction of the crime. But, until he was successfully impeached (which would be a separate matter) he would remain VP. Not that it would ever happen that way, just that impeachment does extend to offenses that are not actual defined crimes. IOW the Constitution's prohibition on ex-post facto laws does not prevent impeachment for anything you may have done or failed to do.
  9. I never brought up the issue of Hillary or her emails. That was the other guy who did that. That you consider a formal report from the US Judiciary Committee "garbage" out of my ass says more about you than I need to know to end this discussion.
  10. Your question (while certainly valid) really was not my concern. I just wished to correct the misconception that the FBI is somehow independent of the President.
  11. If you are not going to read the link that's fine. Just admit that your accusing me of "pulling shit" out of my ass was wrong. You are the one who is wrong.
  12. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/politics/special/clinton/stories/watergatedoc_3.htm
  13. You tell me I'm wrong but offer nothing in the way of a rebuttal. Prove yourself.
  14. Again, I'm getting the impression that you really do not understand the fundamental nature of our government. You do know that there is no real legal standard for impeachment? That impeachment is purely a political question? Because the Constitution provides no definition for "high crimes and misdemeanors." It means whatever the House and Senate can agree it means. Edit: Given the pace of your reply it is clear you did not follow the link. You really should - it is apropos to the discussion.