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  1. Not more than others do, so explain to me why Brand X is better than Razer? Not to mention that one of the ones you mentioned isnt even doing their own R&D.
  2. A bit more Information might be helpful, like sensitivity, hand size, preferred gripstyle etc. Explain why.
  3. First up we need to define what "optical" and "laser" even is, those terms dont exist on a technical level, because technically all are optical and atm there are 3 Methods of motion sensing with currently "Gaming Grade Sensors". I wont expand further here since this question is coming up on the Internet every 3 hours or so, just check out the Sensor List on OCN, the headlines above each tech should make it self explanatory how it works. Also when people talk about "Laser is bad" for gaming it should be noted that it isnt the Illumination method itself that is causing the problems but
  4. 2nd Gen, RAT 3´s are using the A3090, which has a 1800 and a 3500cpi step, 450/900 are achieved via MCU recalculation, which is why the 3 doesnt have so much adjustability.