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    Intel I5 3550
  • Motherboard
    Maximus V Gene
  • RAM
    8Gb Kingston HyperX Genesis
  • GPU
    Zotac GTX 670
  • Case
    NZXT Vulcan
  • Storage
    120gb Kintson SSD + 1TB WB blue
  • PSU
    Corsair CX600
  • Display(s)
    Asus 24" VE247H Full HD
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    Coolermaster V8 + Casefans
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    Steelseries 6G V/2
  • Mouse
    Razer Naga Molten
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    Onboard + Astro a40

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  1. I have that too but man I suck at it D :
  2. Hi! Is anyone here playing Fortnite Battle Royale and wants to play duos/squads? If yes then add me in game: Noksuu If you have a mic that would be awesome, I usually play in the evenings on weekdays but around the clock on weekends! (GMT +2) See you in the game! ( :
  3. Man I started studying last fall but my only TV is an old 22" Samsung which is way too small D: This would be perfect since my livingroom/bedroom is not vide enough for any other projectors! Big screen gamin would be nice!
  4. Helloo! I recently got my hands on a Asus t200, and its been a bit one the slow side, task manager says the disc is almost all the time at 100% use, so was wondering if it were possible to migrate the whole OS from the soldered 64gt "emmc" to a ssd which could easily be put int the build in hard drive bay in the keyboard. do you think it would help/work? -Thanks
  5. I orderd a phone case once, took about 2 months to arrive.
  6. Do you use an antivirus/ anti malware program on your phone ? why don´t you or why do you? Thanks (:
  7. The problem is not that i cant use it, i have other chargers, just wanted to give it away to someone who needs it more
  8. They look really good but are you sure you cant throw in some local candy too (:?
  9. Helloo! I just bought myself an Nvidia shield for a couple of months ago and i love it, really recommend it! The thing is, I live in Finland, and they do not officially support it here so i had to import it from Canada. Now I´m left whit a perfectly good AC adapter(note: I`m keeping the usb cable, so its just the ac adapter itself), still wrapped in plastic and all, that i have no use for since we here in Europe different wall sockets. So i was thinking about if i just would throw it away, but then I had an even better idea! We make a trade I will send it to you FREE of charge AND i will a
  10. Can you use any wireless Bluetooth controller whit the nvidia shield portable? I was just wondering if I bought cheap ones to use in console mode insted of the expensive shiels branded. Thanks!
  11. Helloo! So i recently updated my shield to the newest software. But this new version on the shield hub does not display the shop, its just empty all the time, otherwise it works great. Anyone else had this problem? I´ve tried to restart the system, and i found out i cant uninstall the hub and reinstall it again.. any help? Thanks! Edit: oh yeah, is the game stream is still 30 fps? or am i just seeing thing?