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  1. Yes, what I read is that voltage jumps over 0.10V is not recommended, my voltages are 0.975V for idle at 3.4Ghz and 1.080V at turbo OC of 4.2Ghz, this is "fine", but since I use adaptive in stress tests it peaks at 1.140V. Do you find it normal that I have to use the Control Panel Power Management to set my idle clock? couldn't this be done in BIOS?
  2. I read that voltage jumping constantly isn't good at all, so I would like to set the voltage at a fixed rate yet have the CPU clock idle at something lower than my overclock. For that I enabled Intel SpeedStep but disabled C-States, but what I get is both base clock and voltage going down to 800Mhz and 0.70V, so in Control Panel power management I raise the minimum to 95% which coincides with 3.4ghz and 0.975V for my 4670K. Still I don't feel comfortable with the voltage going from 0.975V to 1.080 (peaks of 1.140V) of my 4.2Ghz OC. All this looks convoluted, any help is welcome.
  3. I'm searching for a workspace manager, one that can save what files I had opened and how they were positioned so I don't have to go repositioning everything everytime. I know of apps that let you arrange windows or save workspaces but they ask you to have those files already open. So far I found Aquasnap and DisplayFusion but they don't relaunch files if I'm not wrong.
  4. I thought on checking magnetism loss or probably traces of data (a full format is known to leave traces hence the recommendation to full format several times).
  5. The typical smarty-pants of the forums, a candy for you.
  6. I decided to buy one old HDD that still uses PMR, there are not many models to choose since it's a 2Tb 2.5" drive so it has to be this model, the problem is I wondered if SMART statistics could be faked/resetted to look like if it was new, and it certainly seems it could be done, so do you know another way to find out if an HDD has been used before (that can be legally justified)? Thank you.
  7. I might answer myself... Checking on the revision history of the ST2000LM007 drives it states an "upgrade" to SMR on rev. E of the model. I thought this was firmware based or something until I read this post, so it might had born as PMR then switched to SMR:
  8. I'm looking for a 2Tb 2.5" (9mm top since I'm using a tray bay). I put my eyes on the Spinpoint M9T series from Seagate/Samsung, personally I own a ST2000LM003, which AFAIK seems to be PMR, now that release went along the 004 and 006, so I assume they are PMR as well but any confirmation is welcome. I think the difference with the 003 are some features like "Secure ™ Model 1" and "Secure FIPS 140-2 Model 1", just as the newer models ST2000LM007, 009 and 010. I would like to know if these newer (March '16 though) models (007 and on) are PMR as well since I think the others are a bit
  9. I want a black Kiro mouse, because I always run short of mouses (rubber melts lol)
  10. I don't buy a smartphone to check time, it's just about that time to swap for a new one so I decided I wanted one that served me as a watch, as so many other devices smartphones replaced. But I might end buying a cheap wrist-watch since the situation isn't very promising.
  11. Yep, that was the kind of drawback I thought it could have. It's gonna suck battery as a champ I guess.
  12. So Sony Xperia has too? I have an old 2012 xperia but still stuck on android 4.x.x. Will check daydream, thanks!
  13. I use the smartphone as my watch, but I do realize that turning the phone on and off drains the battery too much, so I wonder if there was any phone that had a permanent time figure on screen, without doing anything at all. Because of this, I appreciate if the smartphone has good battery endurance, otherwise it would be a moot point.
  14. I want to buy a Lumia phone, 640 or 830. My biggest concern is whatsapp. I don't use many apps, I mainly want a phone that does simple tasks fast and without hiccups, like phone, calculator, notes, music, album, or web browsing. I read that whatsapp is a bit borked on windowsphone, laggy or something. I would like to know from those that had an Android and now use Windows Phone. Thank you.
  15. Because I want a permanent HTPC over my TV, so I can freely enjoy movies and emulation (and not-so) light games on the run without hijacking my main PC.