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    Intel i7 4790k @4.0
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    ASUS Sabertooth z97 Mark 1
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    16 GB Corsair Vengeance 1866
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  1. It's just odd given that I haven't touched any monitor settings and I didn't experience this problem with the GTX 960.
  2. Hi everyone, I recently got my hands on an EVGA XC3 ultra RTX 3070. I've noticed that when I "alt+tab" from a fullscreen game, I get this weird flickering on the screen. The screen doesn't turn completely off or disconnect, but it seems to dim instantaneously and then return to normal. Then, as Im still "tabbed" out of the game, it will flicker intermittently. (In addition, it also flickers on Zoom frequently). Oddly enough, it seems to perform alright in games, temperatures are ok and it scores a bit over 4500 on the valley benchmark at 1440p cranked settings and there's no stuttering
  3. Now that you mention it... its only really happening on my second monitor as well, and it happens very rearely (maybe once every 30 minutes) Im using the same driver as you but on windows 10
  4. Of course man: In random intervals the bottom half of the screen will either flash black or white, sometimes it's random colors as well. They happen so quickly that sometimes I barely catch them. I also have a 2 screen setup, I should have probably mentioned that. Just imagine how it looks when someone unplugs your tv cables while the tv is still on, except it only happens on the bottom third of the screen. Are you having similar issues?
  5. That sounds like a driver nightmare to have both an older AMD and older nvidia car together
  6. Hey guys so I have a pair of 980tis in SLI (as you can imagine I get my fair share of issues running an SLI setup...). Lately, ever since I updated to the newest drivers in late June, I've been getting some really odd issues. For example, half of of my screen will flash for a split second and then it will go back to normal, even when the cards arent under stress. I can't figure out how to downgrade drivers so it's getting kind of annoying. I guess I have 3 questions: 1: How do I download the old drivers? 2: Do yall think this might be a hardware issue? Imma be pissed
  7. Luckily, since it's paypal, they cant make any hidden charges. Thanks for your concern, though <3
  8. There was two left and my friend and I each bought 1
  9. im just a high school student ive got all the time in the world bro lol
  10. Yea, I get what youre saying. I think imma still go for it and return it if need be
  11. Yea, luckily they have a buyer return policy. Ill be safe. But im more worried about it blowing up my computer or something LOL
  12. Hey guys, I found this on ebay and bought the last one. Does it look like a scam to you? Im not worried about the item not working because there's a return policy for it with an ebay money back guaruntee, but im still kinda skeptical. Anything weird you guys are seeing? Heres the ebay link... http://www.ebay.com/itm/112361965572
  13. I wanna pick up a Nano so bad. I think my next build is gonna be a small form factor
  14. Hey guys, I know im posting this on a primarily pc website, so Im just gonna say that Im a mostly PC gamer before I get into this... ahem... So I was playing my Xbox One w/ Black Ops 3 today, and Im having this really weird issue where my right analog stick is "uneven" when I move it to "look around" in game. I had 360 controllers that had the normal drifting problem where the screen gradually turned without me touching the joysick, but this is completely different. To simplify things, when Im moving the stick to look around in-game, sometimes my character looks 10 feet to the left, a