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  1. Hey ya all, I have put an Asus TUF RTX 3080 into my rig and have noticed after about 2 months of use I have a weird issue that sometimes (very randomly) occurs. I have put a couple of pics up showing it. Sometimes after refreshing the page it will display normally, other times it will look worse.... after a restart it goes away for a few days then does it again.. Never seen it in game just in the steam application and in the Chrome browser. Any ideas why this might be happening? Has anyone out there experienced this before?
  2. OK so I am hoping someone can help me out and perhaps link a vod or two but let's get into it. So I am working with a Nanoxia Silence 1 case and have an Asus z390-F gaming MB with a 9900k. To cool it off I have a corsair h100i RGB platinum . The issue I have run into was that I want to have the radiator at the top of the case and ideally would have the fans mounted to the underside pushing air our of the top of the case through the radiator however due to space limitations I have to have the radiator on the underside of the top of the case and the fans above. I am not sure if I sho
  3. I am rather new to all of this so I am hoping someone out there can give me a hand. I have purchased an SMCGS-50P managed switch. I have a flat that I want to isolate from the rest of my house network and so using pfsense I created a vlan for the flat in PFSense. I went to my switch and selected the ports that are in the flat and put them on their own vlan ID matching the ID number I assigned in PFSense. I enabled DHCP in PFSense for that vlan and gave it a range. I created a firewall rule in PFSense to allow any traffic to the internet but blocked it from my lan. My i
  4. I am hoping someone out there might have a theory for this: I ran my unraid server since 2016, in that time I never had a single crash (non responsive/ locked up). I installed pfsense on it's own hardware separate from the server 2 weeks ago. initially I set it all up and made a static ip for my server as I had done with the previous router. I tested my plex using 4g on my phone and bam 1st crash... I got it back up and tested again and again it crashed in exactly the same way. I decided to have my server accept a dhcp address and it then worked. I have a plex docker, 2 game doc
  5. Hey fellas I am hoping someone here can help me out. I have an old HP 7800p with: Core2Quad 6600 8gb Ram 120GB SSD 1TB HDD 1 Pci-e Gigabit Ethernet adapter I have tired many times to install PFSense and have watched many videos on youtube showing installation however my issue seems hard to find in searches. When I newly install it is PFSense is telling me I have two interfaces, re0 and em0, em0 is the built in jack and re0 is the pci-e card. When I go through the setup pfsense does not give me a lan ip at the end both the lan and the
  6. Thanks so much, using the DDUing tool I managed to get it working flawlessly again!
  7. Ok guys I have a bit of a curly one on my hands. I had a Gtx970 in my son's rig he mostly played minecraft, stranded deep and dota 2 so it might have been a little overkill. I had been using that machine for some VR gaming with the Vive before he inherited it. The system worked fine for a long while then he started having some random blank screens and I was thinking hmmm this smells like it could be a GPU problem. I had a spare GTX 770 lying around so I swapped them out and voila it worked and has continued to work without a hitch since. I was going to throw the GTX 970 away and
  8. Hi there, I am looking at an off-grid build for a holiday home and I was wondering if anyone has tested if gaming laptops are more power efficient than their desktop counterparts (same gpu, specs) with the obvious exception of intel cpus being laptop only versions. It would be really interesting to see how they have scaled over time, have they become more similar or further apart in terms of absolute watts used in a series of given benchmarks and general use.
  9. Hey there, I have a home server using unRAID and loving it. I have a self contained flat in my former basement and I have a gigabit connection to my home and want to share the internet with the potential tenant downstairs while keeping them from accessing my server. I would have setup passwords etc on the server but when I try to access them in windows (which most people use here) I can't get access. I have 7 Ethernet ports in the apartment downstairs and so I was thinking of getting a separate router and hub and connecting the flat that way BUT I need to know how
  10. SO after a successful installation upon restarting I was unable to boot from the hdd. I tried to install again and again "Windows can't be installed to drive x partition x (show details) <---- hate this message now!! Why would windows not show this last time...why oh why!!
  11. OK Update time. kw10001 It showed up in post (and bios obviously lol ) it showed up fine in the windows install, displayed the correct size etc. I was able to modify it in diskpart and alter the parameters but no matter what I did windows rejected it. After plugging it into the lga775 board and installing windows I plugged it back into the laptop but I was unable to boot from it HOWEVER when running windows install it now allows me to install windows to the drive.... The mystery continues...
  12. ok so I plugged the drive into an old asus lga 775 board and windows didn't have a problem with it.... Will try installing windows on it there and inserting it to the laptop
  13. Will do now, I was hoping to avoid it but ohh well, will post the result
  14. Hey man, That was the first thing I tried, no success