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    My pc build setup.

    i7 3770k

    Asus Sabertooth Z77

    Corsair Vengeance 16 GB RAM

    Gigabyte Gtx 680 Super Overclocked Edition

    Corsair H100 Watercooler

    Corsair GT 120 GB SSD

    Seagate 1 TB HDD

    OCZ 1250 W PSU

    Soundblaster Zx Sound Card

    Cm Storm Trooper

    H100 Watercooling

    NCXT HUE Lighting kit

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  1. Yeah, I have already been and tried that...Nothings seems to work, but there is not really any problem with waiting to the gpu comes back! Have a laptop meanwhile, so I will survive! But thank you so much for trying to help me.. .You are just another example of how fantastic community this really is, using you own time to help others!
  2. I have windows 8, but i am not sure if it is 8.1 I am going to test it when i come home
  3. I have a Gtx 680 that left a few days ago for repaires...unfortuantly i can not get my computer to boot without the gpu, when i thought that it automaticly would use and work with the igpu, or the integrated graphics...Windows just tells me that they found a problem and then the computer starts autorepair without any luck...PLEASE HELP ME!
  4. The grapics card is a Gigabyte GTX 680 SOC (Super Overclock)
  5. Yeah, I have also used both programs before without any problems. I am just happy that I finaly found out what the problem actually was. I used about 2 days trying to fix drivers, updates and other things with the game itself. I would never had guessed that a another program was the real problem. But that is where forums are handy!
  6. I actually found the solution! :D Mabye you heard about Virtu MVP? It`s a program that uses both the integrated cpu graphics and external gpu to get better preformance. It seems like this program stops bf3 from working correctly. So when I uninstalled it everything worked fine!
  7. No, I don`t use razer coms at all. But can a voice chat program really affect a game? I haven`t tried safe mode with networking. Right now I am re installing it, so hopefully that will work!
  8. As everyone on pc, I use the battlelog site when finding a multiplayer match. But everytime I am joining a server and it is supposed to go into the game I get a error telling me that battlefield has stopped working!? Please help, I have tried updating punkbuster, updating direcx and "reparing the game within origin services.
  9. Yeah, fiber would be awsome!!! :D I already knew that wifi would not be the same as a cable connection. But now I am really just talking about how to get the best wifi solution.
  10. Hey At home I use cable internet for my desktop. To be honest I still think that cable is the best way to transfer internet, mostly because wifi routers don`t give you the same constant internet access. But cable internet isn`t as easy to get access to at other people. Therefore I am considering to get a wifi card or wifi usb reciver. Since I rearly use wifi, I really don`t want to put another pci-e card in my computer. Therefore I think that usb is the way to go, but will it preform as just as good?
  11. I don`t think that you need that cpu cooler. If you want to overclock, then a watercooling system is highly recomended, but you if you`re not going to overclock it that much...well..then you can probably choose a 120 mm watercooler.
  12. It`s out now. I bought it directly from Corsair and got it in norway a couple of days later.