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  1. My name plus birth year (might actually be a random number).
  2. Make sure you take the GPU out or they might destroy it looking for your gun. http://imgur.com/eLhDSzu
  3. Man that's bad I remember my ADSL was a bit faster when I used to live on the Gold Coast a lot faster here in NZ though
  4. Must be some sort of marketing lingo that they don't use here in NZ as my FTTH terminates behind my TV.
  5. Oh that sounds like fibre to the cabinet/curb I've only ever heard of FTTH refer to fiber-to-the-home.
  6. I have 100/20 and have no issues with watching youtube at 1080p with no need to force it with extensions. On my old 5.5mbit/s connection I could watch most youtube videos at 720p.
  7. Paying for 100/20 fibre, get slightly higher so that's good.