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  1. I would think james bond then. Cause i know it was blue.
  2. I would jump on a 1070. That would be a large improvment. but for cpu for gaming i would wait tell you could get a whole new board and ram to get the 6600k.
  3. I personally would go with the 6600k and then get a cooler with your money. But i love overclocking...
  4. I used to have 007 (don't remember which one just know it was a blue cartrig) , my older brothers really liked it. I played a lot of pokemon stadium though. And then super mario.
  5. I could really use both, But I would defiantly rather take the keyboard. I have the Cm-storm gaming keyboard and moose. I play GTA 5 alot and it doesn't have ghosting keys which really affects me.
  6. With the CAM software I am running the Silent curve.
  7. I am using the stock fans.. And how could I use any other pump but the one built in?
  8. Okay so recently I bought the x61 cooler an put it in on my i5 4690k and I have it at 4.4ghz. My idle temps are 1-3 degrees cooler (C) . But my load temps are in the 80's when using prime 95.. And with my old setup of a hyper 212 with 2 sp 120mm performance fans I was getting lower temps. I used the stock thermal combound. Should I take it off and apply the stuff that came with my hyper 212? Or is possibly an air pocket, because everytime i turn on the system I hear the water swish around and make the bubble sounds. But it goes away by the time I'm in windows.
  9. How do i do a fresh install though....
  10. So i can just write down the windows activation key and use that or would i not even have to worry about that.
  11. Well I have had this computer for like 16 months now maybe. So...
  12. So I got a late Christmas present and its an SSD!!! ( http://www.microcenter.com/product/456721/BX200_240GB_SATA_III_6Gb-s_25_Solid_State_Drive_CT240BX200SSD1 ) All I have to do now is move over my windows 10, all drivers, and then GTA 5 will be the only game I will put on it. How would you guys recommend me going about moving these files over? I have no idea how to even detect the drive with windows 10 either... I'm not the best when it comes to software btw. Thanks!
  13. then if you get like 15 fps with that rig in Arma 3 then there is something wrongsoftware wise. SO do fix and get gooder DOOT DOOT!
  14. What is your FPS difference for running them how steam defalts VS. how you have optimized it?
  15. YOu also could go into the settings through steam and optimize it to use all 8 cores. There are lots of video on youtube about it. YOu just copy and past in a code. Edit: This would be for Arma 3 game play. I think my friend did this and it worked for him.
  16. Well I won't be able to figure out without being there. But I will tell you. If you have the money for a cpu/ mobo upgrade i would wait to get that extra 10% by going with the i5 6500k. I wouldn't think it would be much of an upgrade enless you try to get the best per core. Yes it will still stream. It will affect you fps. BUt not as much as you might think. I have always delt with AMD rigs and have gotten some suprising performance numbers. But I do run an overclocked i5 4690k (4.4) And I love my game play. I don't max out Arma 3 with smooth FPS though. I can with medium to high sett
  17. Well I wouldn't think so. I have a friend who is running a stock 8320 and a 970 so should be simular if not less power than yours. (he does play at a slighly lower res.) But he completly maxes out Arma 3 with solid 60 fps. So i don't know what to tell you.
  18. Same... I'm in class right now. But while streaming apparently the 8350 will do great for all of those cores. But I wouldn't put the money into a new cpu and motherboard when you have already put that much into your current system. But I woud invest in a cpu cooler and overclock it.
  19. What do you do with your computer? What other parts do you have?.... I kind of need some more info to judge. What res do you play at? Do you have it overclocked yet?
  20. I would just make sure it is overclocked! But It shouldn't bottleneck it
  21. What are your reasoning for this?
  22. So my brother has hinted that he is willing to get me a moderately high end Christmas present. And for my computer, the next thing to upgrade would be to add an SSD. But which one.... I was thinking about this one... ( http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820104552 ) But I don't know if there would be a better one for the money. I like that its reads and writes are relatively close and the colors would match my system great.
  23. Why did i think of an AA meeting like thing when i read this... HI!
  24. Well i have only seen two (other than stepdads) resently so yea... How often do you see one?