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  1. ' that mean I have to delete my previous windows and install it on the ssd?
  2. Iland it will be drive c auto, but what if I had already a C drive.
  3. I bought a ssd so I want to make this local drive 'c' how to do this... Help me
  4. Everytime I tried to move\copy something it stuck right to the end why whats the problem?
  5. isnt it what i need http://i.imgur.com/c2oE7xu.png
  6. i want to buy Tt SMART SE/Modular/530W/87% efficiency but my gpu requere 2,6pin cable does this psu have it ? http://ucc-bd.com/smart-se-modular-530w-atx-2-3-eps-2-92-a-pfc-14cm-eu-87-efficiency.html
  7. I need a psu with a low budget so please tell me Www.ucc-bd.com