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    gilgameshflood reacted to RichardsD in Relatively cheap TV. What's the catch?   
    Here's the catch.  
    In electronics, there is a reason behind a $4000 Oscilloscope and a cheap ass Chinese one.  Partially features, mostly design and components.
    You see, not all surface mount devices, capacitors, etc are created equal.  Brands like Nichicon create very high quality caps, where random Chinese brands are rated to have a much lower temp tolerance and generally the electrolyte inside will dry up quicker, or the cap will fail much faster.  
    From watching the glorious EEV Blog, I'd have to say the most common failure of cheap TVs and consumer electronics is bad quality parts without adequate cooling, or parts being used which are simply not reliable.
    For example, the Power Supply in this TV will undoubtedly be absolute crap; some pre made PSU from another generic manufacturer simply slapped inside.  Components like those can fail very quickly, and although replaceable likely won't be done through the.. and I shudder at this.. warranty service.  
    In summary, it costs less due to crappier components, less rigorous board design and generally shit QC and generic crap component selection.
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    gilgameshflood reacted to TriceraFLOPS in Relatively cheap TV. What's the catch?   
    a TV is both the sum of it's parts and (believe it or not, the company behind it) I would only buy a TV like this if I could directly compare the exact tv I was purchasing (not just the same model) with the competition, as there is much more to a TV than just size, resolution and refresh rate. there are other things they won't tell you like panel technology, panel manufacturer, panel quality, controller/scaler quality, upscaling etc.
    for example: I have a samsung smart TV, but it is a low end model. the exact same TV is available all over the place, and it receives glowing reviews, mediocre reviews, and bad reviews from different people because although they bought the "same" TV, the panel inside was one of 3 or so different manufacturers, one of which was samsung and the only way to know was to look at the version number and know which version numbers were samsung(which you wouldn't see online, only in store)
    I know nothing about the company or the TV, but I don't recommend buying a TV that you can't take a look at in person unless there are LOTS of honest reviews to back it up and a good return policy(that they actually honor)
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    gilgameshflood reacted to Comessy in Relatively cheap TV. What's the catch?   
    It's a "VU Luxury Television" 
    I have never heard of that brand so you don't know what their customer service or warranty is like. For all you know there may not be a warranty.
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    gilgameshflood reacted to minibois in Any way to run my PS3 on PC monitor with sound and proper resolution   
    Connect via HDMI and try going to Settings > Display settings > And I think from there you can select how the video goes out and after that the resolution it should have (tick 1080p only and otherwise 1080i only).
    If that still doesn't work, you can try getting the audio via a different port. Your options are via the optical audio or the composite/component port to 3.5mm with something like this:
    (That is what I use)
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    gilgameshflood reacted to techguru in Any way to run my PS3 on PC monitor with sound and proper resolution   
    change the settings in the ps3's config to 1080p for the hdmi connection..and probably the  aspect ratio to
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    gilgameshflood reacted to Umair in Tracking car through GPS navigation devices?   
    If you want a ghetto car tracking device, buy a cheap second hand Android phone (will cost you $40 max) and enable android device manager.  Pop in the cheapest data-only plan you can find, plug the phone into your car somehow so it always has a charge, keep GPS on and you're set.  If your car does get stolen, just Google "find my phone" and it will automatically pick the signal up for any phone registered to your Google account.
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    gilgameshflood reacted to leelaa14 in Tracking car through GPS navigation devices?   
    You can track an android phone through android device manager.

    You don't even need gps on as long as the phone has data enabled and location services turned on in settings.
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    gilgameshflood reacted to mr moose in Tracking car through GPS navigation devices?   
    You can get security devices that use a GSM chip and send you a text with the co-ordinates of the car every so often, it can be turned on and off by txt. 
    My brother has one on his De Soto.
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    gilgameshflood reacted to LogicalDrm in Tracking car through GPS navigation devices?   
    The GPS device need to have separed chip for location. Most of current gen smart phones have that for tracking lost phone or lost person.
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    gilgameshflood reacted to slightlyjaded in Tracking car through GPS navigation devices?   
    A gps isn't really trackable unless it emits a signal. I believe Most of them can and do run passively. I'm not sure about the gps in your phone. I always thought they traced it by switching on the reporting feature that allows websites, and apps to use your location data.
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    gilgameshflood reacted to linuxfan66 in Tracking car through GPS navigation devices?   
    Well unless it advertises that feature or its the tom tom has its own internet...no. Get a proper gps car tracker if you want that. plus they mostly likely shut off/removed/stole the tomtom
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    gilgameshflood reacted to WyattZX in Tracking car through GPS navigation devices?   
    if you're trying to see if your girlfriend is cheating, the easiest way is just to pretend you're your own twin brother. 
    I don't think you can do this. Usually GPS location data isn't publicly accessible. 
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    gilgameshflood reacted to TDP_Equinox in Trouble playing media, keeps repeating.   
    Did you fully uninstall the AMD Drivers?
    I would use Display Driver Uninstaller to get rid of both AMD and Nvidia drivers, and then install the Nvidia drivers from scratch as well.
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    gilgameshflood reacted to TDP_Equinox in Trouble playing media, keeps repeating.   
    Here we go again.. I hate dealing with DPC Latency issues
    Let's start with the basics, re install any drivers.. Ethernet, audio, video, any peripheral that is not essential, and then run LatencyMon again after a reboot. 
    I notice you're running crossfire... That was my issue when I dealt with it. Remove one card and test again. 
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    gilgameshflood reacted to FairladyZ in PC Temperature Increase Issue   
    dust in air coolers
    fan bearings dying
    fan power delivery system malfunctioning
    dried up thermal paste
    cpu heat spreader seperating from die
    gpu fans not spinning fast enough
    gpu thermal paste lifting upwards
    gpu locked at 100% load (even though software says otherwise)
    cpu boosting to absurd speeds, then throttling back down
    gpu boosting to absurd speeds, then throttling back down
    overvolting (this would probably kill it or cause other things)
    lack of airflow
    cpu backplate loose/hold on screws loose
    something obstructing the fans (dust, etc.)
    If you're liquid cooling...
    pump failure
    tubing kinks
    radiator fans malfunctioning
    radiator tubes jammed
    pump not strong enough
    low coolant levels
    high amounts of gas in tubes
    dry thermal paste
    indirect contact (crooked cpu block, etc.)
    backplate loose/hold on screws loose
    pump counteracting (if using multiple pumps, highly unlikely)
    heat spreader seperating from die
    system leaks (easily noticed if you have a side window)
    reservoir seals not tight enough
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    gilgameshflood reacted to FireFox in PC Temperature Increase Issue   
    Could there be something running in the background applying more load that you aren't aware of.
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    gilgameshflood reacted to STRMfrmXMN in Strange Grey Highlight around words in Windows 7   
    Try reinstalling the default Windows font and use the default Windows theme.
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    gilgameshflood reacted to techguru in Strange Grey Highlight around words in Windows 7   
    looks like someone changed your language in windows
    and the characters are messed up
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    gilgameshflood reacted to techguru in PC Temperature Increase Issue   
    fan plugged with dust
    fan speed changed
    thermal paste is dried up and needs to be reapplied
    .....cpu overclocked in bios...
    one of the fans died
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    gilgameshflood reacted to Devvic in PC Won't Display Image|| blinking power button   
    ah but I just found out no power is coming out of the motherboard because I plugged a mouse into the back and it lit up then shut right off that's why I never got a display but I don't know the exact problem yet
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    gilgameshflood got a reaction from WolfZombie in Frequent Crashes after GPU installation   
    Try reinstalling any prerequisities like directx, .net framework etc. It's unlikely because you would get an error message if that was the fault.
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    gilgameshflood reacted to WolfZombie in Frequent Crashes after GPU installation   
    Wild guess but maybe its a driver issue between you apu's graphics driver and your graphics card. Try disable the apu driver under my computer > manage > device manager > display adapters. Right click the apu and disable. 
    Be sure to set a restore point because you can never be too safe.
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    gilgameshflood reacted to Arty in Frequent Crashes after GPU installation   
    Maybe PSU? bad connection somewhere? maybe board but doubt it
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    gilgameshflood reacted to d3sl91 in something weird is going on :l   
    I feel like you still have something installed - its EXTREMELY rare that someone would install a screen capture software on your system. Double check your installed and running programs. Look up the name in google of any programs or running programs you do not recognise. 
    Run ccleaner and/or msconfig to edit your startup to remove items after looking them up on google. 
    Finally. BACK YOUR STUFF UP. Its like... buying a $60k car and not changing the oil. Your engine seizes because you didn't want to spend $50 on oil and a filter. 
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    gilgameshflood reacted to TechSam in Online game breaks down with overclocked PC's, need help avoiding it.   
    what are the devs doing clockspeed increases game speed did these guys dev this game in 1990 when clockspeed affected speed of the game. This is some next level fuckuppery right here i have never seen dev these days fuck up their coding so bad that clockspeed affects the game .They have had to manually fuck up the unreal engine cause unreal engine prevents this in its coding atleast the last time i checked have been doing too much source modding to know this for sure.