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  1. Thanks for the info. I'll stay away from these brands.
  2. I think I will go with sony bravia then. I love the images and I feel it has best 3D. Many reviews too(though not as detailed about panels like you mentioned).
  3. The website says 1 year warranty, I think there is an extension of warranty plan too. Not sure about the quality of its images and if it has any problems. No reviews on that.
  4. Most 55 inch 4K(or UHD) TV's cost almost double the amount of money of this one: http://www.snapdeal.com/product/vu-55k160-55-inches-4k/1069754374#bcrumbSearch:55%20inc%204k ( VU 55XT780) What makes it so different? How good is it compared to a sony bravia?
  5. It worked! Thanks so much. I didn't even know PS3 had that settings.
  6. When connected with HDMI, the picture resolution is horrible. So I tried HDMI to DVI convertor. The resolution was normal and quality good but cant send sound to my monitor. If I use the HDMI directly, the resolution is horrible but sound present.
  7. Like if your car is stolen you can use internet to connect to your Tomtom(example) to find out where the car is(after informing police). I know the best action is to inform the police immediately, which always comes first. But still would be nice to know you can track your car.
  8. I saw a sony 3D TV with the battery less glasses which I found to be the best 3d in the mall. Didnt find other LG or samsung 3d to be that good. Not a 4k, just normal one. So which sony model(48 or 55inch) is best? Does xreality pro help much?
  9. Oh yeah, I forgot about the time I installed Nvidia sound drivers. I already have sound card. Same thing happened. Got fixed after uninstalling nvidia sound drivers.
  10. You haven't made any tweaking with your RAM? Had same problem(only with VLC) when the timings were off.
  11. There was this one time when I was using bitcomet, my ram usage was increased to like 1GB usage by bitcomet(no doubt because of me changing settings I shouldn't). Not sure if antivirus automatic scans could increase the temps so much at idle.
  12. What about your max temps at full load. How much have they increased?
  13. All chasis fans working properly? A decrease in speed could also increase the temps but I don't think it would make this much difference. Not too much dust on heatsinks of either CPU or GPU? Have you made any changes with load line calibration in BIOS?
  14. Try and see if you can enter BIOS. I remember the first time I out my pc together, the display would be blank for long time but instantly lights up if I tried to go into BIOS. Edit: Ah, my bad, I didn't read the post where you mentioned you couldn't enter the bios.
  15. Try reinstalling any prerequisities like directx, .net framework etc. It's unlikely because you would get an error message if that was the fault.
  16. Have IDM perhaps? It once downloaded a video without me clicking. Once.
  17. Also, it had the movement speed of another player in my team reduced. They messed up on their side for sure. I think I'll play it on laptop from now on . My system still wont recognise my clock speed even after I disabled cool n quiet, turbo boost, the overclock. In task manager it says 3.93Ghz during full load and in CPUZ and CPUID it says 4011 to 4000 max load. Hoping I wont get banned again after unlocking most players. EDIT: Tried with new account with dell inspiron laptop(no overclock). after 4 practice matches, there was a moment when it sped up for a few seconds just like it did when I
  18. I tried it, opened CMD as admin and I got "The operation completed successfully" after i entered the "bcdedit /set useplatformclock yes" code. Restarted PC and still task manager not recognising anything other than default(3.93Ghz) clock.
  19. I was thinking about buying something by cash because I really enjoyed it since I started playing with clan members, but now I'll only do it if when they patch this and unban my original account.
  20. YES!!! The clock speed in task manager IS different! Thank you! So should I do the "bcdedit /set useplatformclock yes" fix? I wont have any inconvenience by "latency in timer requests"? Won't "latency in timer requests" affect the game too? Sorry I'm so uncertain Btw, I never noticed any speed up in the menu, Used to look at it while chatting with clan to ask them to team up with me
  21. From what I read this has been the case from a long time and you(one who overclocked) get blamed and banned for it. it's my fault if I didn't read the terms and conditions(wait it's not my fault if their programming is "special" than other games) before downloading the game. Let me check if its mentioned. Nothing about overclocking is mentioned in T&C's, maybe implied somewhere but too lazy to read.
  22. I read in few forums when I was going to buy it that some these cards had artifact and flicker problems(long time back). Any idea what the cause was(driver, hardware etc)?
  23. So I have been playing a game that uses unreal engine, called Smite. Played hundreds of matches with no problem with the stable 4.4Ghz FX 8350 CPU. But two days back, for the first time ever, my player moved faster than I'm used to and I also had problems activating certain in game items. Thought they patched the game to change the game mechanics so I finished the match to only later get banned later. There was no email telling me why, so I asked them and they told I used speedhack "software". Dead end, so I decided to ask the community for some illumination so this doesn't happen again with