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  1. Ran R23 on my 2 servers: Threadripper 2950x: Xeon E5 2620v4 (NO IDEA what the memory is doing here....):
  2. If it's at a shop they should just be able to switch out the CPU to see if that's dead (which is unlikely, they rarely die), and after that the mobo. If you have to pay for either of them for testing then that's just stupid and you should take the PC somewhere else.
  3. Upsets no one, because it is simply NOT happening. If it happened at all it would be by adding another socket to the motherboard for the GPU. But seeing as GPU's use a lot of power it would mean another massive heatsink on the motherboard. Not to mention you'd need more RAM slots as GPU's use different RAM. The heatsink alone would block a lot of the space needed for expansion cards. Or they would have to increase the size of the motherboard. Let's just cut to it and say that adding the graphics to the motherboard makes the board WAY to complicated, and onboard gpu's are simply not powerf
  4. Didn't EA make one change to the packs? I read that you can see the player you get before you open the pack. But you can't skip to the next pack without first buying it. Well they didn't agree with the change making things better...... which is of course a surprise to no one, as it doesn't even change anything.
  5. Nowhere in the quotes do they speak of gaming. 4K/8K 3D rendering is not the same as gaming. I also can’t find “higher levels of performance....” only high performance. So is that you making those claims or did you forget to quote something?
  6. *clicks the link in the tweet and sees a video on squadron 42* yup, radio silence.... *checks his mail and finds an update mail on squadron 42 detailing the work on everything on the game* omg the radio silence is killing me!!!!!!! What "fans" do these people keep talking about? it has the MAKINGS of a scam after eight years? So they spend eight years spending 300+ million building studios and teams around the world building a game and after eight years they decided to say "fuck it, lets just scam people from now on" and assume the hundreds of people work
  7. I'm running 3 monitors here on a vega64. 1 4K60hz, 1 4k120hz and 1 1080p60hz. I haven't noticed any changes in noise or temps since adding the 120hz (its an LG gn950, vega64 cant run it at 144 ). Never even thought about this being a thing. Makes me wonder if its an nvidia thing though....
  8. AFAIK the problem with mini and micro LED are the yields. They're so low that any monitor released with them will be far to expensive for most people. It takes time for the yields to get better. Expect years.
  9. I have a 2.1GB Quantum Bigfoot that makes more noise then a blowymatron at full speed. But it still works perfectly fine last time i checked a few years ago. My AMD systems i bought myself in 2001 and 2003 are both still running. With some newer but still old parts. Of course things like our old NES from 1990 still work. Although the Four Score is broken, player 2 port doesn't work anymore that's a little sad.
  10. Wasn't it near or equal to the 980? If you look up benchmarks now comparing it to a 980, you can see after lots and lots of driver updates it went passed the 980 and even the 980ti. Also thanks for letting me know i have a rare specimen that is both still working and very quiet. these days hearing people say 275w is a lot of power is also kinda hilarious with a 3080 using 350w? I can't wait to see how much less power the Navi cards use and seeing people justify the power draw of their 3080's, or even the 3090. Their all powerful lords at Nvidia can't do anything wrong after all.
  11. VR is an "eventually" thing for SC AFAIK. Has no priority at all. Did you even read anything i said? There is no comparison to SC with any other game(development). If you put rockstar with GTA5 in the same position, running 3 different version instances of the game simultaneously with at least one with the least amount of bugs and somewhat playable. You would have seen at least double the development time for that game. That's what i said and that is a FACT. I know from experience. The development of SC is COMPLETELY different from any other game. Not sure if you
  12. you didn't say they promised you say? Did you read the quote from urself i added in my reaction.. here it is again. sure looks like you said they promised. That "promise" is an old message which might have been in the old kickstarter. They changed all that when the money started to roll in by the bucket loads and instead of taking all that money and giving the small game they planned initially they took it and expanded the scope of the game and use all the money they got to make something much bigger. For the first part you can read the rest of my previous message, seems you st
  13. The release was never promised, certainly not in 2014. Old info people keep digging up, please stop. It was to go into BETA before the end of 2020. They can still make that. If you backed you should get updates by mail regularly (monthly i think). I got one on SQ42 on September 2nd. They go into every detail on what they have been working on so the radio silence you mention, i have not noticed and as far as i'm concerned doesn't exist. Was no stretch goal. The game was announced as having "a rich universe focused on epic space adventure, trading and dogfighting in first person.". The f
  14. Just for fun. Please explain to me how an MMO can be finished? Very curious to the answer here
  15. Well didn't think i would respond but here i am... I have a PS3 and played plenty of games on it... they never looked terrible to me and even there i barely if ever noticed the lack of AA. Besides, AA comes from the age when PC's could barely run games at a resolution like 1280x1024. The same argument was made then, making it look better at lower resolutions and it wasn't as impactful @ 1280x1024 or higher. So.... when is that argument actually true? If this is true (not sure it is) then why do people bitch so much at consoles for having "fake 4k" when they're using it on their
  16. It's not like any AMD GPU matters or will matter for at least 2 more generations.... All they're good for is lowering the prices of the all mighty Nvidia so you can all buy those. And if they don't get lowered, you still buy them. If AMD gets close for cheaper you'll think of an excuse like features which you imagine AMD not having to still buy Nvidia. When AMD gets better you'll just say they're drivers suck and still buy Nvidia. It will take at least 2 generations of AMD to be better then Nvidia (and by better i of course mean having the fastest most expensive card on the market.), before mo
  17. Dont know what calendar ur using but in mine the 11th month is November, not October. Anyway if the ps5 is really gonna be $500 then thats great, expected higher...
  18. Can't do anything here but agree with apple, its their app store on their device in their eco-system. So you have to follow their rules if you want to be on their store. So why don't these big companies then just give apple the finger and pull all their apps off the app store and stay away from it completely until apple changes their policy... i guess it's kinda obvious, 30% less income is better then 100%. I bet something more useful will happen though when all the big companies leave the app store, to bad it wont happen.
  19. Only thing you can try is connect it to a different PC and see if that can read it. Get what data you can off it. Other then that, nope nothing you can do other then decide how much the data is worth to you and if a data recovery is worth it. In the mean time maybe start thinking of a backup solution so you can avoid data loss in the future?
  20. You can't fix it yourself so yeah. Nothing else to do with a dead drive. Luckily 500GB drives cost literally nothing.
  21. if you already did this, then i suppose you have ur answer. No it shouldn't be but it can. Good thing is if you bought it new you can RMA it and get it either repaired or replaced.
  22. It's either a dying boot drive or some critical data got corrupted preventing it from booting. You could try to repair the windows install, or a complete reinstall. If that doesn't complete you definitely got a dying/dead drive.
  23. weird how you can be satisfied with those speeds. 8 reds should easily handle 500MB/s+. But i suppose ur copying from the hdd raid-0? That should still go over 200MB/s at least. Are you getting higher speeds with copying from ur ssd? If i had invested this much money in faster speeds i'd be PISSED if i only got 25 to 45MB/s extra.