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  1. In the production market today there has been a massive increase in the cost of recycled and kraft papers (single wall packaging) & corrugated products (Boxes) due to a Far East paper shortage. Does not make the news, but making a much larger impact.
  2. Well its not really "pretty bad" is it... Scores inside top 10 best world record on cinebench with no optimisation brand new computer architecture fresh out of the box... I would say that's pretty good...
  3. This is funny, how is that a made out to be a "hack" & "gaping security vulnerability" you shine a laser pointer in my eyes I will not be able to see where I am going... News flash: Google, Uber and even Apple’s potential self-driving car can all be foiled by little more than a home-brew brick thrown at Lidar sensor systems... How is that any different?
  4. The outlets are standard British 3 pin socket, they are on the floor out of the way and have a sticker "not for public use, only for the cleaners."
  5. Terrorism is bullshit, It'is always in the news, Our government makes massive policy & privacy changes, its all fearmongering... Back in the real world over the last 10 years more people in the uk have died from Bee stings or Toaster related accidents, than terrorist attacks... We should kill all the bee's and ban toasters as they are more dangerous...
  6. Sadly the current projection is 30 - 40 years to clean up the reactors to start decommissioning, (will require new technology to be invented) but for full decommission (full clean up, no rectors / building or stored waste on the site save ground radiation) you looking at 200 + years... Compare that to Chernobyl, the site will not be able to be fully decommissioned for another 20,000 years...
  7. Lol they are doing it wrong, Most manufactures (when you buy FOB) allow you to rework returns under licence and then you get new packaging etc... Customer never knows...
  8. I am really sorry mate, so the wrong forum to try and say AMD is good/ half good at anything, I know and you know that AMD is not all that bad but sadly this forum is no longer full of open and well minded people...
  9. Well if you counting a day as 24 hours then yea 50 not an issue
  10. Many moons ago when I owned my own PC shop, I expected a "system builder" to make 20 - 25 "internet ready*" systems in a 8 hour shift... The record if I remember was 34 in 8 hours... * Processor (Some Athlon) Memory (256mb) PC Chips all in one (hahahaha) Hard Drive (cloned) PSU Case (remember the ones that looked like Nokia phones) RRP £99.99 back in 2001 I think...
  11. But I had a water cooled block, for it back then ; -) Its on air now with standard reference leaf blower, but I mod'ed the block on my CNC myself, think AMD should contact me next time as I have done a much better job of the thermal contact areas LOL...