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  1. I have the same issue still with my CX LG tv and my 3090. if i turn the tv on before i wake the pc everything starts normally but if i dont start the tv the pc monitors are just black and if i then turn the tv on it takes like 5 min for the pc to unfreeze. Must be some type of HDMI 2.1 driver problem? but to still have this problem tho... Is anyone else still having this issue too?
  2. Is there a way to keep the the connection on the dedicated direct attached network cable live from the pc to the nas so i dont get this message every time i put the PC in sleep mode? Or alternately remove the notification for this somehow?
  3. i want to minimize the HDD usage so that they go in sleep mode more often thinking that the apps that are stored there are keeping the hdd from sleeping sometimes. i even have the hdd sleep time to 5 Min but the only times ive seen them off are when i wake up in the morning =/ Edit: It was really easy to change. Shutdown the nas and then remove the disk which was system main and when it powered on it made the other disks default then i could shutdown and plug the HDD's back again.
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  4. ye that was what i was hoping for will have to do some speed checks to verify.
  5. Im not sure exactly how the OS work on the Qnap but it has defaulted some apps that are locked and can't be moved to another install location. i installed 4 hdds and 4 nvme's over pcie and it still chose to install on the hdds? is the hole OS on the hdd or does it have separate flash for the OS that it runs out of? Is it possible to re-initialize with just the nvme disk's and the hdd removed to force it to install on the nvme disks?
  6. alright will try it later today. thanks
  7. but i attached the network drive via the host name should i use IP instead?
  8. Hi i have a direct rj45 10g connection from my pc to the nas and then i have separate 1g cables from pc and nas that goes to the router to join the LAN. Do i have to do anything for the traffic to go trough 10g?
  9. Hey! I was just wondering if psxe on android support 2-3 Bluetooth controllers at the same time? Was thinking of using a ps4 pro controller and a xbox elite 2 controller i think both can do usb connectivity but would like to use both on Bluetooth to play diablo 1 or something similar with friends. I think both controller have built in bluethooth. Will it work? or do i need to use a OTG and connect a usb hub and connect all with USB instead or connect at least connect one controller with usb? Im running psxe on a samsung note 20Ultra snapdragon if that matters.
  10. installed windows on another drive and then i copied it over to a new drive and im guessing i forgot to take the efi partition and so on. dont really remember exactly. the original partition is no longer with me sadly gonna try a in-place upgrade se if it helps
  11. Hey I followed this gude here to repair my Boot EFI partitions and after that sleep/hibernate and shutdown isn't working correctly. When i press shutdown the pc just cancels and takes me back to the sign in screen. When i try sleep & hibernate the pc turns of the monitors but the pc is still on and i can shake the mouse and the monitors turn on and im back to the sign in screen.
  12. RAID 10 creates an insignificant increase in load compared to a parity rebuild (RAID5 or RAID6) and it is as fast as cloning a drive to another so it is safer. It is possible to lose a second drive while rebuilding but chances are less than in a parity rebuild. However RAID10 is not a backup solution, it is redundancy safety measure. So I always backup my data else where too.
  13. Thinking of using raid 10 so raid 1 + raid 0. Reliability aside then, the exos has better performance too over the ironwolf pro.
  14. Hey! Can anyone explain why Exos are cheaper? I have only heard that exos are better in every way than ironwolf pro in the same capacity of 18TB and are therefore "more expensive". So I do not understand how this is possible that exos are cheaper? The only thing I can think of is that exos may be made in extremely large quantities than ironwolf as the enterprise uses them in bulk or because ironwolf pro has "rescue data" service incl. which I do not care about as I run raids anyway for a reason .. Currency: Swedish SEK https://www.prisjakt.nu/jamfor/produkter/5634156,5633